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6082FORT WORTH TX 48 56 2008-11-02 
Rental house was just painted 1.5 years ago. The last tenant was a smoker and need to repaint to try to get rid of smoke smell.

3 bed, 1 bath. 1200 square feet for house.
6081NEW YORK CITY NY 20 60 10 2008-11-01 
400 square foot studio 
6080LITCHFIELD PARK AZ 16 12 50 60 18 2008-10-31 
2 story house, total square footage is 4000 sq ft. House will be empty. No ceiling paint. 14 rooms plus hallways 
6079MADISON WI 24 30 30 2008-10-30 
All I need is to have my fascia boards and back door painted. 
6078RIDGEWOOD NJ 30 20 12 2008-10-30 
New construction. Fill holes in trim, caulk, prime and 2coats Ben Moore.
Trim Satin Impervo oil based. Fireplace needs stain and varnish. 
6077RIDGEWOOD NJ 20 30 12 2008-10-29 
I am looking for an estimate to fill holes, caulk and prime the wainscott, crown molding and trim for my family room addition. Also, I would like 2 coats of paint on the walls (Ben Moore). The ceiling included Flat white.

Two arch windows on two sides 
6076MENOMONEE FALLS WI 11 30 45 15 2008-10-23 
Tri level home with attached garage. cedar siding, stained but not maintained. Would need some prep work/cleaning. Would be willing to assist in cleanup, getting materials, etc. 
6075BOWERSTOWN IN 2008-10-22 
I need a cheap cheap one coat paint job on one big barn, 2 sheds, and one medium out building. We close the mortgage in November and the payment will come direct from the loan company to your company. Then I need just an estimate on the Barn itself if we  
6074NAPLES FL 2008-10-22 
Two bedroom, two bath condo in Princeton Place. All walls, woodwork, trim needs to be painted. Would choose the same wall color as now, white. I will be in town Nov 16-Dec 2 and the work must be completed during this time. 
6073BRYAN TX 12 26 2008-10-22 
6072LEAWOOD KS 14 13 2008-10-21 
6071PLANO TX 11 13 2008-10-18 
6070PLANO TX 12 14 10 2008-10-18 
6069GRAVEL RIDGE AR 65 30 10 2008-10-16 
The house hasn't been painted in 8 years. It is wood paneling and has some spots where the paint is chipping. I'm in a hurry to get this done by the 18th. I have pictures of the house for those who want to inquire. 
6068CORAL SPRINGS FL 10 2008-10-16 
We just closed on the house, looking to paint before moving furniture in. Walls/Trim. Some holes left over from pictures and where they hung their LCD TV, looking for patching and sanding.
House is 1770 sqft interior. Not looking for garage 
6067OLATHE KS 60 30 2008-10-15 
living room and kitchen 
6065JERSEY CITY NJ 20 40 2008-10-14 
Prime and paint molding on top of house in 3 colors, molding is metal, needs scraping. 
6064MILWAUKEE WI 50 30 25 2008-10-13 
I'm looking for an estimate for a painting project on a house in Milwaukee. The only thing I need done is the trim of the roof. The trim around the roof needs to be scraped and painted, including peeling paint on the gable ends and soffits needs t 
6063NAPLES FL 28 60 2008-10-12 
6061TACOMA WA 250 250 2008-10-09 
The total wall space requiring paint is 4500 square feet. The house is vacant with 9' ceilings. Please include how long the project will take and how many people will work on the project. 
6060DUPONT WA 10 2008-10-06 
Condo- Bottom walls to include kitchen and dinning area. Stairs, and upper level one bedroom and bathroom. Approx 1400 sq ft.  
6059DUPONT WA 10 2008-10-06 
Condo- bottom part and one bedroom on the upper level with a bathroom. Approx 1300 sq ft in both.  
6058HARRISON TOWNSHIP MI 18 17 619 2008-10-06 
6057ATL GA 40 80 2008-10-05 
I don't need anything painted. What I need is to pressure wash the roof of my ranch style house, the length of the house is 80' and the width is 40'. I also need to pressure wash the driveway which is 70' long and 20' wide. Please give me a separate e 
6055ALEXANDRIA VA 25 30 2008-10-04 
This is a townhouse, 8062 Topper Court, Alexandria VA. Aluminum siding does not need painting, just the trim. One coat of good paint may be enough. Present coat does not look very worn. Does not need the back done, just the front. 
6054KEMP TX 12 60 30 2008-10-02 
Would also like to paint popcorn textured ceiling. Trying to help get cigarette smell out of house purchased. House will be empty and much of the flooring will be replaced after painting. 
6053AURORA CO 2008-10-01 
i need to have the trim painted to satisfy the HOA. Sorry, i don't know the dimensions of the house. It's a two story house in the Smoky Ridge area in Centennial. 
6052ALEXANDRIA VA 20 45 80 2008-10-01 
I need somebody who would be available next week to paint most rooms of my 2315 sqare foot townhouse in Alexandria.  
6051MCCULLERS NC 2008-09-30 
I am in the process of moving out of state and just need a complete repaint (same color) of the interior. The total square footage is 2162. I would also like an estimate on carpet as well. 
6050MCCULLERS NC 2008-09-30 
I am in the process of moving out of state and just need a complete repaint (same color) of the interior. The total square footage is 2162. 
6049OAK GROVE GA 60 30 2008-09-27 
1 level ranch home approxiamte footage is 1580 sq ft. Not sure of outsude demisions. 3 exterior doors. 2 windows up front with wood trim.the other windows are metal trim not requiring painting. width and height are estimated. 
6048CONTINENTAL AZ 34 40 2008-09-27 
This is a one story, currently unoccupied home that is 1349 sg ft. The current color is either a flat or satin finish white. We want to have all the interior walls painted using 3 or 4 colors. Each area of the home will be the same color. An other room ma 
6047ARVADA CO 30 50 20 2008-09-25 
sides and back of small 1 story home (approx 1100 s.f. inside, front and garage already painted) in Arvada 
6046OAK PARK IL 2008-09-24 
Paint/Primer already purchased. whole apartment painted with trim LR and DR (234sqft) Kitchen (100sqft) 2 BRs (150sqft) Bath (small) hallway (100sqft) den & sunroom (110sqft)  
6045CHRISTIANA DE 13 21 15 2008-09-24 
13.5 x 21.5 ft. family room with vaulted ceiling (not sure of height),glass sliding door, and fireplace brick work that runs up wall to ceiling. 
6044ALPHARETTA GA 2008-09-24 
pint interior of whole house, one wall color through-out, plus trim.
3bed/2.5bath townhouse (approx 1200sq ft) 
6043KOKOMO IN 37 52 2008-09-23 
Ceilings only in three rooms: 11x20 and 13x19 and 13x13. 
6042BROOKSVILLE FL 17 13 120 90 10 2008-09-22 
1900 square foot house in Deerfield Community. Paint will be supplied, just need estimate for the work. All walls are currently covered in bright "Gator" colors. Want them painted "Pismo Dunes" by Benjeman Moore. Two car garage needs the floor painte 
6041BROOKSVILLE FL 17 13 120 90 10 2008-09-22 
1900 square foot house in Deerfield Community. Paint will be supplied, just need estimate for the work. All walls are currently covered in bright "Gator" colors. Want them painted "Pismo Dunes" by Benjeman Moore. Two car garage needs the floor painte 
6040STERLING VA 12 14 2008-09-22 
ceilings only in 3 bedrooms and possible 1 kitchen... just need painting. 
6039HOUSTON TX 25 50 40 2008-09-20 
2600 sq ft house... 2 bathrooms and kitchen already painted. Not sure about width and length. 
6038WELLESLEY MA 21 39 45 25 2008-09-19 
Priority NEED for COMPLETE and THOROUGH cleaning by hand and machine on CEDAR CLAPBOARD then Cabot's Clear ALL MATERIAL SUPPLIED BY OWNER ONE SIDE ONLY for trim painting  
6037STERLING VA 15 11 15 2008-09-18 
master bed & bath about 15 x 11, another bedrom 12 x11, and 11 x 12 family room 15 x 11 and main livingroom maybe 12 x 12  
6036ARROWBEAR LAKE CA 30 40 233 40 2008-09-17 
warehouse.tilt up.4 stories up,80 yds long,14 roll-up doors(25x25).sandblast, re-paint two colors.lastnumaric roof.materials not inclueded. also with materials included. thank you.  
6035FORT COLLINS CO 12 30 40 10 2008-09-14 
Need to sand, make some repairs, and paint 201 Columbine Ct., Ft. Collins, 80521
For questons, call Clalyton Depue, 703-408-6651 
6034CLYDE CA 60 30 2008-09-13 
6033ROYAL OAK MI 2008-09-12 
1000 square foot home, vaulted ceilings in livingroom. Maryland club condo 
6032CLERMONT FL 11 11 2008-09-11 
6031COVINGTON WA 2008-09-09 
6030GREENSBORO NC 70 40 25 2008-09-09 
6029MEMPHIS TN 150 50 65 2008-09-08 
6028LEHI UT 10 11 24 48 2008-09-05 
interior 2200 square feet aprx main floor and upstairs... 
6027EAGLE CREEK IN 671 371 2008-09-04 
one bedroom apartment . 671 sq.ft
all rooms to be painted. trim to be painted
bathroom celing to be painted.
all furniture will be out of the apartment .
carpet will be removed after painting and be replace by new carpet.
standard 8 ft celings.
6026EAGLE CREEK IN 671 671 2008-09-04 
one bedroom apartment . 671 sq.ft
all rooms to be painted. trim to be painted
bathroom celing to be painted.
all furniture will be out of the apartment .
carpet will be removed after painting and be replace by new carpet.
standard 8 ft celings.
6025EAGLE RIVER AK 2008-09-03 
My house is a typical zero lot line attached single family in Eaglewood behind Walmart in Eagle River. We are military, any info would be great. Thanks 
6024RANCHO CALIFORNIA CA 13 20 40 40 18 2008-09-02 
1670 sqft house. Vaulted ceilings, vacant. 2 story. 3 bed/3bath. l/w/h interior of house 
6023LEMONT IL 18 60 30 10 2008-09-02 
white ceiling and all room wheat color. little something more in kithchen 
6022PORTLAND OR 2008-09-01 
6021BURBANK WA 999 999 99 2008-09-01 
Our house is 1300 square feet with an attached garage. All exterior would be painted same color. I am not sure of the dimensions, so I put the maximum amounts. 
6020OLYMPIA WA 30 80 2008-08-29 
1800 sq. ft. interior paint - walls and ceilings 
6019PORTLAND OR 25 27 2008-08-27 
2 br 1 ba upper unit in duplex. accent walls in
2 rms 
6018LA VERNE CA 60 30 2008-08-23 
6017SANFORD ME 18 18 10 2008-08-23 
6016SOUTH ORANGE NJ 30 44 16 2008-08-23 
recently installed replacement windows. attention to window caseings is important. 75 percent of front of house is stone. 2 sides of house are peeling. other 2 sides are not bad. some minor carpentry may be necessay. 
6015EDINA MN 10 50 100 20 2008-08-22 
Paint the exterior of 5333 Abbott Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55410 including garage.  
6014EDINA MN 10 50 100 20 2008-08-22 
Paint the exterior of 5333 Abbott Avenue South including garage.  
6013CLIFTON WI 16 21 2008-08-21 
Two windows and three doors no paint. Also Cciling. White ceiling, with some water spots to cover up. one color two walls, other two walls a different color. 
6012BOOTH TX 60 30 2008-08-20 
Looking for quote to paint interior (almost) entire 1840 sq ft house, excluding 2 small 12X10 bedrooms. Kitchen, living area, 2 bathrooms, 1 lrg master bedroom, walls only, no ceilings or trim work necessary 
6011CALDWELL NC 192 240 99 2008-08-20 
One master bedroom and also need touch up in living room over holes that we filled with putty. Is it possible to match the white that is in our living room so it doesnt have to be fully repainted 
6009MINNEAPOLIS MN 16 50 50 22 2008-08-19 
window and trim on 11/2 story brick tudor home in SW minneapolis - also need repair on some window casing 
6008NEWPORT BEACH CA 240 2008-08-18 
Exterior of house is stucco with aluminum widows plus 8 feet siding. soffit completely around house approx. 240ft by 2.5 ft. double front door and one garage man door plus three 7f. garage doors. 
6007EVERETT WA 18 55 10 2008-08-18 
small house. Less than twelve hundred square feet. Need exterior painted 
6006COLGATE WI 40 40 30 2008-08-18 
Moving, need a quick repaint of a 2 story alumn. sided farmhouse. Would include painting of the soffit and gutters. 
6005DUBLIN VA 2008-08-18 
several rooms, living/dinning room, bedrooms approx. 8x10 
6004PROVO UT 22 24 2008-08-18 
6003SACRAMENTO CA 38 45 18 2008-08-17 
6002ALLENDALE CA 60 40 20 2008-08-15 
avarage two-story home in browns valley. Two colors, body and trim including garage door. Only a few bushes, no heavy moving.  
6001BENTON AR 2008-08-13 
I need a kitchen, mstr bedrm, dining rm, and great room painted (ceilings need paint as well) 
6000ALEXANDRIA VA 13 30 2008-08-13 
I'd like an estimate on exterior paint job for my townhouse. Location is Hayfield View behind the Giant Shopping center - 7443 Duddington Drive is the address. Thanks 
5999STAFFORD VA 11 16 28 35 2008-08-12 
We are moving to a home that is approx. 2000 square feet 3 bedrooms 2.5 baths and would like all rooms painted selected colors. Ceilings, trim and doors painted as well. There is also a living room, dining room and family room and kitchen. Some minor patc 
5998DENVER CO 99 40 60 30 2008-08-12 
Repaint the exterior painted surfaces of both buildings windows, soffits, gutters,
and doors. Preparation will consist of lightly power washing and scraping the loose paint.
Joints that have opened up will be recaulked. Bare wood and areas of failed 
5997BUFFALO GROVE IL 10 50 50 2008-08-12 
minor repairs to windows and fascia.
5996CLIFTON WI 30 30 2008-08-11 
5995PRESCOTT VALLEY AZ 44 36 2008-08-11 
REO Property. Has 8 holes in wall - 5 small (less than 2 x 2") 3 large (up to 9 x 12"). Quote with and without drywall repair please. Use cheap paint but going over dark colors. 
5994ELLENSBURG WA 2008-08-06 
cedar siding, woodwash and re-stain (existing waterstains/damage)
about 5000 sq/feet 1 story home. 
5993VANCOUVER WA 11 120 30 2008-08-06 
5992N HAVEN CT 10 25 48 2008-08-05 
I run a real estate rehab business. (Buy, Fix, Sell). I need a full interior paint job on nearly every property, sometimes more (exterior, basements, decks). I am looking for a quality finish. I currently have a 1200sqft 1-level home that needs a full pai 
5991COLMA CA 25 40 30 2008-08-02 
some area need scraping. All area need pressure wash before painting. 
5990RHODODENDRON OR 700 700 99 2008-08-02 
I would like a base coat of Kilz on all walls prior to painting. I would also like all the ceilings done. There is 1400 square feet. 
5989ORLAND HILLS IL 26 80 50 10 2008-08-02 
1st story is brick
2nd story is frame with gable roof 
5988OLATHE KS 10 20 18 2008-08-01 
This is a tall entry way. Approx. dimensions due to breaks in the walls etc. 
5987NAPLES FL 2008-07-30 
3 bedroom condo, 2 bath 1406 sq. feet in Sapphire Lakes Naples, Florida 
5986PALM COAST FL 20 40 2008-07-29 
townhouse interior approx 1000 sf 2 bed 2 bath living area and kitchen. ceiling to be done as well(popcorn type), walls are currently white going to a beige color 
5985CORCORAN MN 35 25 20 2008-07-28 
Our house was damaged by hail and need the exterior painted, we need an estimate on how much it would cost to paint the house. 
5984MILFORD DE 15 15 2008-07-28 
i have a dinning room, living room and hallway that i would like to get painted not sure on the measurements, but i can get them 
5983SANDY OR 35 20 2008-07-27 
Small cabin on Sleepy Hollow in Sandy Oregon. Requires some prep work, incuding a pressure wash to remove soot from side of the house where the pellet stove is. New raw wood panel overhang needs priming then painting. Would like the trim paint to match 
5982CAMBRIDGE MA 12 50 180 10 2008-07-26 
I need to have my house painted. There are 4 bedrooms, a living room/den, a playroom, kitchen, 2.5 baths, halls. Please call me at home 7-9 p.m. @ 617-395-7500. 
5981DOWNINGTOWN PA 10 60 30 2008-07-25 
Need some patch work on one ceiling and some walls throughout. 
5980PACIFICA CA 10 60 90 16 2008-07-25 
5979OLATHE KS 122 80 2008-07-24 
There are three 2-inch holes in three walls 


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