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6185ASHBURN VA 60 30 2009-03-27 
I would like my entire house painted. It is a single family home with about 3200sq ft of living area. All the walls and the trim(only 2rooms has the trim)has to be painted.  
6184DAVENPORT FL 15 25 38 38 2009-03-26 
Home is about 3000 sq. ft.It is one of the Park Square vacation villas. Varying heights of walls. There is no window trim. All rooms will be the same color, around an eggshell white hue. It is only 2-3 yrs. old. I would like a quote for low and medium. Th 
6183DISTRICT HEIGHTS MD 100 100 2009-03-25 
I have a 3 bedroom 3 level townhome. Looking to paint master bedroom, 2 small bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, basement, 2 staircases, and 3 small bathrooms. Colors have been selected. Want glossy in kitchen and bathrooms. Little prep work 
6182CO SPGS CO 12 15 12 12 2009-03-25 
6181CHARBONNEAU OR 35 30 20 2009-03-23 
Paint hallway, living and dining room 
6180W CHESTER PA 2009-03-23 
I live on 1/3 of an acre & have a white wooden fence that goes around 3 sides of the back of my property. The fence needs to stripped the old paint is peeling & needs to be removed)& painted by the end of April. I want it done well (don't want to have t 
6179SYLVANIA OH 10 10 2009-03-20 
bathroom, needs wallpaper removed,  
6178CHULA VISTA CA 20 20 11 2009-03-19 
looking for kitchen ,dining, and living room to be lightly prep and painted. Will only pay under 1K for the job. 
6177LEON KS 24 70 12 2009-03-18 
Need outside of home painted - including eaves 
6176NAPLES FL 114 136 2009-03-18 
This is a 3120 SF home. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, family room (family room is only room currently painted a dark burgandy). All other rooms are neutral colors. 
6175HOUSTON TX 75 10 2009-03-17 
hello,,trying to get an estimate on painting a large breezeway,,,vertical walls with slats,tongue and grove ceiling,,large screen windows....4 lrge ratann chairs and i rataan setee.will be arriving on fri 3-27,,looking to start work on sat 3-28 or mon 3-3 
6174BOISE ID 2009-03-17 
Closing on a twenty five hundred sqare ft. home, five Bd, two and a half bath, by June. Need one Bdr and Family Room with high quality, most others with low or medium quality to make rentable.Upstairs moderate cathedral ceiling. I am overseas in military  
6173TOLEDO OH 14 55 37 30 2009-03-16 
email for more info 
6172OAK PARK IL 2009-03-14 
Living room/dining room/kitchen all open space together
living room 25ft by 10ft, dining room 16ft by 11ft, kitchen 16 ft by 11ft. room height 10 ft.  
6171GALENA OH 12 12 2009-03-14 
walls are in good shape. No sanding or priming needed.
Walls are currently white, but color to be painted is a dark gray. 2 coats will be needed of Sherwin Williams Cashmere satin paint, color 6236 
6168ROCKWALL TX 11 2009-03-13 
It is a 1300 square foot house that needs the walls and trim painted. Looking for a dark earth color on wall and white on trim. 
6167CUMMING GA 16 40 16 2009-03-08 
6166CLIFTON WI 17 30 50 25 2009-03-08 
buit in 1943 it is a story and a half. Not painted for about 10 years. The garage is a flat top so it's not very high. I will be changing the color. Very rough estimate on the size. 
6165SAGAMORE HILL PA 60 30 10 2009-03-07 
spray paint aluminum siding on a raised ranch 
6164SAGAMORE HILL PA 26 40 12 2009-03-07 
spray paint aluminum siding on a raised ranch 
6163GALT CA 14 15 2009-03-07 
Single story 2500 sq ft house
baseboard already removed for flooring job after paint 
6162COLUMBIA MD 2009-03-06 
This is a small exterior paint job that involves painting the 16 Shutters associated with 8 front windows (4 windows on ground floor and four windows on 2nd floor), the front door and the wood trim around two french doors in the rear of the house.  
6161BRICK NJ 80 70 2009-03-05 
some spackling needs to be done, 5 rooms painted and stairway walls 
6160DAYVILLE IN 12 14 2009-03-04 
This is a master bedroom in a home. There appears to be a border around the top of the room that has been painted over. There appears to be build up of glue from previous paint over the border which is about 8 inches wide.  
6159TEMPE AZ 50 50 10 2009-03-04 
2 story, 2000 sqft stucco home needs to be painted. 
6158TARPON SPRINGS FL 15 2009-02-28 
4300 sq ft of exterior painting 
6157NAPLES FL 35 48 2009-02-25 
2 bedrooms 12'x 14' & 12'x 13'
living room 12' x 21'
all ceilings plus kitchen & hallway ceilings 
6156BRANDON FL 20 20 966 999 95 2009-02-24 
exterior wallls 
6155LACEY WA 27 65 2009-02-24 
6154BALTIMORE MD 56 64 10 2009-02-19 
6153BALTIMORE MD 105 115 60 2009-02-19 
6152GILBERT AZ 22 45 50 18 2009-02-19 
Minor stucco damage, we want the house power washed, primed and painted. We are flexible on timing and unsure on color choices. We want quality work with a warranty 
6151KRUM TX 400 500 99 2009-02-19 
I have a little sheetrock damage due to water leak from roof. Room needs to be repainted and sheetrock needs to be repaired. Room is 15 feet long and 16 feet wide, with 8 foot ceilings. I also need 2 outside wood pannels replaced and painted.Both pannels  
6150BROOKSIDE VILLAGE TX 999 999 99 2009-02-18 
paint the interior of a 3500 sq foot 2 story home with 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, living room, dining room and game room  
6149AMHERST VA 16 2009-02-17 
A story and a half house with aluminum/vinyl siding which needs power washing and old wooden windows a few of which need to be rechaulked (can't think of the term) around each peice of glass. 
6148GILBERT AZ 2009-02-17 
I do not have specific width, length, height at my fingertips, however the square feet of the area that we want painted is approximately 2000. We do not want spray used (only roller). Can you also indicate how many days it would take to complete as well 
6147SAUGERTIES NY 14 20 2009-02-16 
I am looking for someone to wallpaper my bedroom. It will be for a brand new modular home. The dates are somewhat sketchy at this point, but we hope to get this project up and running by late spring or early summer.

The room is about 20x14 with 3 wind 
6146ASHBURN PARK IL 40 50 2009-02-16 
i want bedrooms,closets, living room and hallway painted 
6145FAIRFAX VA 14 12 2009-02-15 
3 bedrooms, currently painted in pastel pinks and purples.
Each room will have own colors, possibly with an accent wall.
We get keys on 2/27, furniture arrives March 3. Might be good to give additional cost of doing baseboards i 
6144HOUSTON TX 40 60 12 2009-02-14 
6143WASHINGTON DC 30 45 2009-02-12 
On large living room-dining room, one bedroom, small kitchen and bathroom. Total area 790 sq. ft. 
6142EDWARDSVILLE IL 89 123 2009-02-11 
HIGH THOROUGH PREP, paint all 6" trim & base board 
6141MORSEMERE NJ 10 2009-02-10 
4 bedrooms, 2 small bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 dining rooms, entrance way, 2 hallways 
6140LEBANON OH 15 20 18 2009-02-10 
this is just an entry, up steps and hallway on 2nd floor. wall in steps is too high for us to paint. guessing reaches to 2nd story. maybe 18ft. also curious to know cost to paint a small family and or living room about 16 ft by 16ft 
6139PORTSMOUTH RI 30 40 35 30 2009-02-09 
The exterior of our home needs repainting, both the wood shingle siding and wood trim.  
6138EAU GALLIE FL 12 64 52 2009-02-08 
24 yrs old CBS ranch 
6137LAKELAND FL 13 80 74 10 2009-02-06 
paint outside of house with bonus room above garage and trim. 
6136LAS VEGAS NV 10 12 2009-02-04 
6135WASHOUGAL WA 50 50 50 2009-02-04 
Interior and exterior painting. Free bids. 
6134HOUSTON TX 14 60 30 16 2009-02-03 
The house is half brick and half siding. It will use about 10 gallons of paint. 2 story house. Some siding will need to be replaced on the house.
6133COLLEGE PARK NV 60 30 10 2009-02-02 
e beroom 2 bath house paint all inside  
6132HOUSTON TX 10 25 20 40 2009-01-31 
I represent a group of 12 townhomes. We are are looking for group pricing on an exterior paint job. We will consider providing the Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. Please email for specifications. 
6131BIRMINGHAM AL 12 12 2009-01-29 
2 bedrooms approx. 12x12 each. Popcorn ceiling removal and paint ceiling white.

I want to slowly remove all popcorn ceilings throughout the house. 
6130COLUMBUS OH 36 54 24 2009-01-28 
I have three rooms, dining room, kitchen and family room that need painted along with entry hallway, stair well and upstairs hallway. Some spackling needed, some wall paper taken down. 
6129GOLDEN GATE FL 12 56 64 16 2009-01-27 
We would like the whole interior of our house painted... all rooms. The house is about 1700 sqft 
6128DARMSTADT IN 10 111 111 11 2009-01-26 
Need all walls, baseboards and some minor touch ups on ceilings and other areas as needed. 1,800 square foot home. Kitche, laundry, bedrooms (3), formal living and great room. Master's bathroom and small full bathroom. 
6127EAST FLAGSTAFF AZ 50 20 2009-01-22 
6126NEWTON MA 50 2009-01-22 
I found your site very interesting. 
6125POMPANO BEACH FL 16 64 30 150 40 2009-01-21 
6124DENVER CO 10 22 60 30 2009-01-20 
2 bed 2.5 bath 1603 sqf 
6123ARLINGTON VA 61 53 2009-01-18 
Want 2 bedrooms (both 12X15)
Kitchen (16X11)
Living and Dining area (21X12)
Stairway and upstairs landing
2 small bathrooms
Flexible with dates over the next few weeks 
6122MOBILE AL 10 2009-01-16 
Wedgefield Court, off snow road.Painting about 1200 sq feet (leaving out bathrooms, master bedroom, and kitchen. Leaves foyer, dining room, 3 small bedrooms and 15 foot hall and large living room 16 by 16. Baseboards and walls all one color.

Current co 
6121BALTIMORE MD 10 10 10 2009-01-14 
I have five tanning salons that need the restrooms painted. A total of seven restrooms two stores have two rest rooms. Four stores are located in the Baltimore area one store is located in Hagerstown Md. The rooms are small maybe 10x10 average. I just nee 
6120HOLLYWOOD FL 30 60 70 2009-01-14 
Three bedroom, two storeyed home 
6119HOLLYWOOD FL 600 900 90 2009-01-14 
Two storey three bedroom home 
6118CHICAGO IL 2009-01-12 
Need to have a 1300 sq ft condo painted. Need painting of the walls only (ceiling is cement). Ceiling is 10 ft high. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room/kitchen. The bedrooms each of one wall with floor to ceiling glass, so that doesnt need to b 
6117ATLANTIS FL 10 20 60 80 2009-01-12 
Ther entire interior of the home needs to be painted. The walls, ceilings and baseboards. It's 4 small bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (Ceilings only in bathrooms) a large living room, a laundry room and assorted small hallways. There walls, baseboards and ceiling  
6116COSTA MESA CA 12 15 2009-01-11 
around 1100 sq ft total  
6115COSTA MESA CA 12 15 2009-01-11 
around 1100 sq ft total  
6114COSTA MESA CA 12 15 2009-01-11 
6113ASHEBORO NC 14 18 2009-01-08 
den with brick fireplace 
6112ASHEBORO NC 14 18 2009-01-08 
just plain rectangle shaped den with brick fireplace How much extra to paint textured ceiling 
6111PROSPER TX 30 30 2009-01-07 
Trim work (baseboards, chair rail and french doors) in newly converted office. Walls only in 2 small baths, master bath and laundry room. 
6110LAKE RIDGE VA 12 60 30 2009-01-05 
6109LAKE RIDGE VA 12 68 112 2009-01-05 
6108TORRANCE CA 15 60 50 16 2009-01-05 
two stories.(almost squared)in shape. siding on front partially around the sides of house. decorative trim around front and side facing windows 
6107RALEIGH NC 18 2009-01-01 
sq.ft 3,179 needs scraped and painted just need a ruff estimate of how much per sq. ft u charge to do this also i have 4 smal decks that need presure washed total 119 sq ft 
6106SEVERN MD 50 60 84 2008-12-31 
I would like the interior of my split foyer home painted which includes the front walk in, the upstair hallway, the living roon and kitchen. I do not know the measurements, all measurements provided are false, just put something to fill the space, but my 
6105CHAPEL HILL NC 14 14 12 2008-12-26 
6104MC KINNEY TX 20 15 14 2008-12-25 
One large bedroom--no doors or windows need be painted. Cathedral ceiling to be painted same color as walls in satin finish. Light color on surfaces now, so very little prep. 
6103CENTREVILLE VA 2008-12-23 
i do not know the dimensions of the house quite yet. but I just bought a 1200 square foot town home, and would like the master bedroom, second and third bedroom painted as well as the kitchen, living area, and 2.5 baths. Just need a rough estimate 
6102LAS VEGAS NV 10 19 35 40 2008-12-17 
Full Paint 1 Color White 2 Sheen Flat or Satin for the majority with Gloss for the kitchen and Bathrooms 1373 sq ft home

Thank you 
6100ELSMERE DE 71 76 2008-12-14 
1)Please provide quotes for both contractor and customer provided paint/stain.
2)Unfinished trim and doors are to be stained. Previously stained trim is omitted from project
3)Ceilings also need painting
4)All carpets need to be masked and protected fo 
6099LAKE SHORE MD 20 20 2008-12-07 
Please note the width and length are approximate. We need our living room walls, ceiling and baseboards painted. We would like prices for single and faux wall color. Thank you. 
6098ROSWELL GA 20 13 2008-12-06 
Entry way and staircase. The height is an average between the staircase and the first floor ceiling. Total area for painting is about 200 sq feet. 
6097MESA AZ 10 10 10 10 2008-12-06 
I want to repaint every inch of a house I may buy. It is 1344 sqft with 10 foot ceilings. i don't know what else you would want to know.  
6096FORT WALTON BEACH FL 90 90 90 90 90 2008-12-06 
6095RUTHERFORD NJ 20 12 12 2008-12-01 
6094BIRMINGHAM AL 60 80 2008-11-30 
Paint main level living room(15x16), dining room(15x15), foyer(5x10), guest bath room(5x12), hallway(5x12) and master bedroom(15x15). All rooms will be the same color. 
6093BUFFALO NY 2008-11-22 
we need parts of our new house scraped and painted before the FHA will release us to closing...... 
6092BELLINGHAM WA 15 65 120 45 2008-11-19 
prep and paint exterior of old church building at 1600 H street in Bellingham, WA. Retain the current color scheme or suggest a new one. 
6091HOUSTON TX 60 30 16 2008-11-19 
Outside of house, garage and gutters painted white. 
6090HOUSTON TX 2008-11-14 
We need sheetrock repair to an area approxmiately 2 feet high by 7.5 feet wide. A section of drywall was cut out of the wall after water leakage from Hurricane IKE. We are considering doing the repainting outselves, but cannot repair the drywall. This i 
6089WILM NC 12 15 30 2008-11-12 
House is in mid-range priced neiborhood. Would prefer a young painter who has started his own business, and still wants to give a competitive price.There may be other customers recommended,if the job is well done. 
6088EVERETT WA 27 24 2008-11-10 
Family room and kitchen 
6087ASHLEY IN 12 17 2008-11-08 
6086MILWAUKEE WI 30 60 10 2008-11-06 
Need qoute on only outdoor job. Needs gutters and fascia scraped and painted. Steel gutters, wood fascia. Corners of wood in bad shape. 
6085SAN DIEGO CA 60 30 2008-11-05 
I'm not sure of the measurements. The house is 1800 sq ft. I want the entire interior and exterior painted. 
6084CO SPGS CO 10 14 60 30 2008-11-02 
2200 sq ft Briargate rental home, high ceiling over staircase to upper floor 
6083CO SPGS CO 10 14 60 30 2008-11-02 
2200 sq ft Briargate reantal home, high ceiling over staircase to upper floor 


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