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3613RUTHER GLEN VA 2005-05-26 
Rooms to be painted:
Living Room 15ft 8in / 13ft 4in, Foyer,
Dining Room 11ft 2in / 11ft 8in,
Family Room 18ft 1in / 11ft 8in
Nook 8ft 5in / 11ft 8in
MSTR BDRM 11ft 4in / 17ft 3in
Family Room, Nook, and Kitchen will the same color. House is brand 
3612ENFIELD CT 12 16 2005-05-25 
I need wall paper striped in my 12 by 16 living room with 8ft ceilings. I would like ceiling painted, which is in good shape. With a good quilty eggshell latex paint on walls, with a oil semi gloss on trim. 
3611PENN CTR PA 162 133 99 2005-05-24 
2 adjacent rooms foyer and livingroom. There is only 1 door and 4 entryways

Foyer: (LxWxH)46"x108"x117"
Living Room: (LxWxH)116"x133"x117"

Dates desired are available dates. Would prefer work completed in 1-2 days MAX. 
3610EDMOND OK 24 215 2005-05-23 
No scraping. Existing paint in good condition ( 9 yrs. old) Going white over gray. One qtr of house trim painted with 1 coat. Will take 2 coats to cover, I think. No gable ends. One small chimney. No windows to be painted. Sophet & facia only. Ha 
3609URBANA IL 30 50 2005-05-23 
Have aluminum siding that will need to be powerwashed prior to painting Some scraping, sanding required on trim overall minimum prep needed Also a 15x15 ft detached garage that will need painting powerwashing as well 
3608BTV VT 15 25 2005-05-23 
I need the front porch of my house, plus two doors, two windows, the ceiling and railings to be scraped (lead paint needs to be removed) and painted.  
3606NORTH PERRY OH 2005-05-23 
Painting basement. Concrete wall, spray ceiling (unfinished). Approximately 1350 square feet. 
3605WASILLA AK 12 28 69 14 2005-05-22 
This is a two-story 4-plex that also has two decks that are each 5'x10'. On each deck there is a 5'x4.5' section of railing(and pickets) and a 10'x4.5' section of railing (and pickets). 
3604BAYBERRY NY 60 35 2005-05-22 
3603LAGUNA BEACH CA 15 18 2005-05-22 
3602GLENDALE AZ 30 40 10 2005-05-22 
3601SAINT PAUL MN 15 40 50 30 2005-05-20 
3600SAINT PAUL MN 15 40 50 30 2005-05-20 
3599FIFE WA 144 144 99 2005-05-20 
12 foot by 12 foot living room to be painted venetian red. 
3598LEAGUE CITY TX 26 20 12 2005-05-20 
I want to paint the whole interior of the house 
3597CHOSKA OK 12 2005-05-19 
well i've been taken advantage of so far by so called friends and i'm sick of it i'm learning alot about painting that way though. but a quote would be very appreciative. thank you
my actual total living space is 1258 sf 3 bdrm 2 full bath 1 already pa 
3596ADELAIDE WA 50 50 10 2005-05-19 
Our entire office needs to be painted. I'm not sure of the dimensions. 
3595LONDON KY 11 18 2005-05-18 
3594ST LOUIS TX 36 55 20 2005-05-17 
walls only 
3593HARWOOD STATION MA 10 60 30 20 2005-05-17 
3592DAVIE FL 60 30 2005-05-17 
2 bed 1bath house in sw fort lauderdale two colors (wall-trim) 
3591ARLINGTON VA 15 999 999 99 2005-05-17 
We are homeowners living in Germany who wish to get our home at 4840 9th St North painted. This would include all trim and front porch. in order to do an appropriate estimate, I would call the tenants, but we would make our arrangements via email/fax at  
3590PHOENIX AZ 60 50 30 2005-05-16 
There are two bay doors and one office door that will be a different color than the building. 
3589PHOENIX AZ 60 50 30 2005-05-16 
There are only two sides to the building that we need painted we cannot access the other two. There are to big bay doors and one office door which will be a different color than the building. 
3588PRINCE WILLIAM VA 40 55 15 2005-05-16 
Brand new home, little prep required. Want to paint standard one strory foyer (15x10x9), a two story family room (20x25x20), stairway and upstairs hallway (20x6x8). No ceilings. 
3587MILFORD MI 10 36 2005-05-16 
Stain the outside of a new garage. 
3586MILFORD MI 10 36 2005-05-16 
3585TERRE HAUTE IN 60 25 2005-05-16 
Looking for a contractor who will prep and paint the 2nd and 3rd floor overhangs of the house on:
912 South 6th Street
Terre Haute 
3584TROY MI 18 18 2005-05-16 
walls-dry wall
doors -4-sliding doors
ceiling to be painted
trim to be painted-i would like an estimate for faux finish too if possible 
3583MESA AZ 11 20 45 25 2005-05-16 
2 story house, 1650sqft.

Phone 602 705 7092 
3582CO SPGS CO 15 10 2005-05-15 
3581LEHIGH FL 2005-05-14 
3580ALBUQUERQUE NM 14 35 40 10 2005-05-13 
Adobe type home built by Jeff Snow in the 50s. Stucco in good shape but paint is chipping around top. 
3579PHOENIX AZ 999 300 2005-05-12 
A solid brick wall 8 ft tall and 300 ft long
3578GRESHAM OR 11 2005-05-11 
3577NASHUA NH 14 24 52 18 2005-05-11 
3576HEMPSTEAD NY 20 26 2005-05-10 
Whole house interior Paint new construction  
3575IRVING TX 115 2005-05-09 
This is to paint a fence. The questions don't correspond, but the fence is new, cedar plank, 115 linear ft x 7-8ft high with steel posts. Paint to be both sides, semi-transparent.

3574MADISON WI 16 40 30 18 2005-05-09 
Paint a 100 year old house, already scraped and primed, house is a two-story 
3573CAMBRIDGE OH 12 60 30 2005-05-09 
This is a 1970' home in a housing addition. We also have 2 decorative beams that need painted. 
3572LOS NIETOS CA 2005-05-07 
I just want the trim repainted from cracking white to solid white. 
3571POTOMAC MD 17 25 40 16 2005-05-06 
Some wood damage near gutters, much prep overall 
3570CHESTERFIELD VA 24 30 142 154 2005-05-06 
my house is approx 3200 sq ft,i live in chesdin landing off river rd i have 4 bedrooms,two story family room 18ft ceilings and the room is 22x19.i also need the kitchen and hallways painted. 
3569NAPLES FL 2005-05-06 
I don't know the dimensions but our house is 2603 sq. feet. The house is only 2 years old but the paint job was not good. 1 story house. 
3568NAPLES FL 2005-05-05 
1000 square feet of walls. Want Faux Finish. Colorwash / glazing. I color
Walls are a satin finish. Do not want regular painting. 
3567ATL GA 12 12 12 2005-05-04 
12'x12' Beddroom with entry door and closet door, and 2 windows, 3'x7' 
3566MELBOURNE FL 15 2005-05-04 
Clean, prime and paint aluminum frames on 15 windows. Average size 3 feet by 7 feet - approximately 20 feet of frame about 2 inches wide per window. 
3565APACHE JUNCTION AZ 24 66 12 2005-05-04 
over 30 yr old one story single family home in AJ. hasnt been painted in over 7 years. Will need spray wash prep prior to paint. want a weather protection coat if possible. 
3564OLYMPIA WA 12 35 70 2005-05-03 
New siding , same old trim, front door and side door, 3 gables house is 2,650 sq ft, located near Oakville washington, gables are
14 ft high 
3563BISCAYNE PARK FL 20 40 60 15 2005-05-03 
I would need to have the exterior pressure washed, stucco/cracks patched, stucco applied to exterior walls of addition to match existing stucco.  
3562ANCHORAGE AK 40 60 16 2005-05-03 
We do not want our actual doors painted just the trim around them. We want to keep the same color as it is now, as well as same trim color.
I believe I was genereous with house measurements. It is a zero lot line but both sides of house are in agreement  
3561COLCHESTER CT 40 30 22 2005-05-03 
2 story dutch colonial so there is a lot of roof. average height of all 4 sides would be about 18 feet 
3560LYNN MA 60 30 10 2005-05-03 
3559CATHEDRAL CITY CA 60 30 2005-05-03 
1600 sq ft home, trim, base boards, vaulteed celiilings, ceillings, rooms different color 
3558GUADALUPE AZ 60 40 15 2005-05-03 
Front is slump painting needed. Walls need to be cleaned prior to painting. One exterior door, and one garage door. Covered patio ceiling needs paint too. Single story. 
3557AKRON OH 12 10 2005-05-02 
some wall patch 
3556CHANDLER AZ 14 2005-05-02 
1200 SF single story, 3 Bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage, stucco. Pecos/Mcqueen area. Lot size is 50 x 100 (approx). Selling home. 
3555CATHEDRAL CITY CA 28 32 2005-04-30 
3554MESA AZ 2005-04-30 
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, great room approx 1560 square foot home needs to be painted prior to selling home. Looking for quotes. 
3553CRESTWOOD KY 15 12 2005-04-28 
There are several rooms I would like to have painted. This is just one of them 
3552CRESTWOOD KY 15 35 65 15 2005-04-28 
3551W LINN OR 13 400 12 2005-04-28 
l level hm, no steps, landscape easy to get around. built in 2001. 
3550SPOKANE WA 10 50 30 15 2005-04-27 
This is a rental property that needs to be painted as soon as possible. 
3549MARION IN 10 60 30 12 2005-04-27 
3548LORDSTOWN OH 10 25 2005-04-27 
i need 4 rooms painted. Both walls and ceilings. (2) 10x12x7 bedrooms, (1) 12x25x7 dining room kitchen combination, (1) 5x7x7 bathroom. (1) Standard front door. 
3547BOSTON MA 20 30 40 30 2005-04-26 
Elegant turn of the century house located in Riverdale Dedham near the Charles. We would like the house repainted white with black window trim. The house is located at 69 Berkeley Street and when finished should serve as a neighborhood show piece.  
3546TORRANCE CA 2005-04-26 
looking for quote with reputable company (with references) to paint the exterior of 2b/1b home. 
3545RULE TX 15 2005-04-26 
770-917-5075, home is at 2111 Chinaberry Circle, Harker Heights Tx 76548 
3544RULE TX 15 2005-04-26 
3543SNOHOMISH WA 19 35 56 30 2005-04-25 
These figures are approximate-home is a 1908 victorian, 3 stories high including bottom floor garages, 2nd floor main & high top floor with bedrooms,gabled windows, front porch with pillars- total home is 2096 square feet 
3542UNITY VILLAGE MO 60 30 20 2005-04-25 
3541LOUISVILLE KY 10 40 70 10 2005-04-25 
wood on house is covered with two different colors of stain 
3540GLENDALE AZ 17 50 70 20 2005-04-25 
repaint exterior of two story house. 
3539BEAR DE 2005-04-24 
need 2 rooms primed over dark colors to apply a pastel semi gloss on walls, flat on ceilings, rooms empty. 17x15, 10x10. 
3538GILBERTSVILLE KY 15 30 42 2005-04-24 
Two rooms have wallpaper which has to be removed. The living room walls are dark paneling that will be painted. 
3536EXETER RI 26 36 2005-04-23 
I would like an estimate for powerwashing and painting. House is 2 story cape, 1700 sf. Front is painted clapboard remainder is natural shingle. Full dormer in back, 2 dormer windows in front with clapboard sides. Painted shutters on 4 front windows. 3 e 
3535HOUSTON TX 17 15 35 50 2005-04-22 
3534OAK GROVE PA 30 40 10 2005-04-21 
A church sanctuary with two aisles and no side aisles Tin ceiling needs painting and Wooden altar rail is half three feet less than half width of room and some cracks are evident in plaster walls  
3533FORT WORTH TX 30 60 10 2005-04-20 
I need to have the exterior of my brick/wood one-story house painted with minor wood repairs on the fascia boards.  
3532MARION IN 20 40 15 2005-04-20 
Will need dead ivy removed from portions of the house.
Am will to complete project in phases to make cost more manageable.
Currently white, hoping to change color to tan or olive green depending on cost.  
3531TUCSON AZ 104 96 2005-04-19 
We are moving in to a new house and would like all of the interior (except the bedrooms) painted. The total living space of the house is 3600 sq. ft. I've estimated wall dimensions but may be slightly on the low side. I counted the stairwell as an 8'x4 
3530TUCSON AZ 104 96 2005-04-19 
We are moving in to a new house and would like all of the interior (except the bedrooms) painted. The total living space of the house is 3600 sq. ft. I've estimated wall dimensions but may be slightly on the low side. I counted the stairwell as an 8'x4 
3529AUSTIN TX 16 30 50 12 2005-04-19 
one door to outdoor laundry may need to be replaced. Burglar bars need to be removed painted and replaced.
one area of rot wood in carport needs to be addressed. 
3528SNELLVILLE GA 17 40 40 10 2005-04-18 
3527CHANDLER AZ 2005-04-18 
home is 1749 square feet. i need only the exterior painted. home has wood trim that will likely need sanding. current paint on home is 10 years old.  
3526GLYNDON MD 12 15 2005-04-18 
Need bedroom painted, creme colored one color is fine

may need primer existing color is dark blue with white stars and moons.....please don't ask.
3525NEWNAN GA 40 200 2005-04-18 
Paint entire interior except where there is wall paper. 
3524NEWNAN GA 20 20 2005-04-18 
Paint entire interior except where there is wall paper. 
3523COLUMBUS OH 11 97 100 2005-04-15 
approx. 1100 square feet. Three bedrooms hallway upstairs and downstairs, stairway, living room, two bathrooms including ceiling  
3521PHOENIX AZ 135 112 2005-04-13 
3520SCOTTSDALE AZ 71 67 2005-04-13 
3519LUTCHER LA 12 10 190 195 12 2005-04-13 
3700 square feet living area 12ft. ceilings 
3518BELLE ISLE FL 45 60 20 2005-04-12 
Two story house, and would like the deck around the pool painted  
3517TAYLORS SC 15 22 2005-04-12 
I don't really have a specific start time. It's actually my mother's home. I just need a rough estimate so I know if I'm able to do it pretty soon or if I'm going to have to put money back for a little while.
3516BISSELL CT 10 100 40 20 2005-04-11 
15 year old house, very little prep. Almost no scraping. The house currently has an oil based stain on it and I would like to paint it. I was thinking of maybe a oil-based primer foolowed by a top coat. Trim on windows and door would be different from the 
3515EAST MILTON MA 14 24 24 2005-04-11 
It is a crosby colonial( I don't have the proper height and width but this is a standard home in Milton) with flaking paint but otherwie home is in excellent condition. Living Sq foot is nineteen hundred. I need an immediate estimate
Please let me know  
3514ECHO LAKE IL 24 24 12 2005-04-11 
Powerwash and Paint 24 feet Diameter gazebo
Use Sherwin Williams Brand
Paint approx 40 feet of railing
Paint floor GREY
Inside ceiling
All white paint except floor,
Pictures available via email. For questions, email me and I will phone yo 
3513LEAGUE CITY TX 20 2005-04-10 
3512SANTA CLARITA CA 12 10 2005-04-10 
This should be no more than a 1 day job. I have the paint selected - 3 walls one color, 1 wall an accent color. Whole room was done less than 3 years ago. Want room done this week for a birthday gift 
3511ELLENSBURG WA 32 40 2005-04-10 


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