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4001RANCHO CALIFORNIA CA 100 30 2005-10-20 
Repaint office interior walls to include office entrance and select hallways, to include other offices that require re-paint in similar white paint. There are approx 5 office suites that may require re-paint, plus one large CEO suite double normal office 
4000JOHNSON CREEK WI 2005-10-19 
300,000 sqf Commercial Property. Time frame spring/summer 2006 Large project painting exterior EIFS multiple colors. Must have experience with large commercial projects and supply insurance and references.  
3998PINE POINT ME 50 70 2005-10-18 
dry wall repair requiring sanding and priming 
3997PUYALLUP WA 14 24 2005-10-18 
WE would like to have our formal living, dining room, and familiy room painted. Possibly the kitchen which has very little wall space. 
3996LAKE CHARLES LA 11 56 50 2005-10-18 
I am also interested in textured and faux painting.  
3995VIRGINIA BEACH VA 16 16 2005-10-17 
wall is slanted from 8'tall on the left side to 16' at the right side. It is burgundy now. looking to go a lighter shade of cream or some neutral.probably need to prime first. 
3994VIRGINIA BEACH VA 13 15 2005-10-17 
Ceiling has popcorn finish that has to be scraped off first. Comes off easily. Ceiling should then be sanded,primed and painted.Ceiling, trim and walls to be painted in eggshell finish Behr paint already purchased. 2 framed doorways,no doors, 1 window,app 
3993BOCA RATON FL 20 21 2005-10-17 
20,5 X 21 height of ceiling 9.184 ft
walls: Vanetian Plaster in grey
ceiling: 2 layers of white glossed
3992ENCINO CA 60 30 10 2005-10-16 
Need painting of interior. 2 coats.
2 story home walls and trim (high ceilings in half the house)
square footage of house is approximately 1800.
Contractor provides all materials in bid, including paint. 
3991DETROIT MI 25 18 2005-10-15 
strip wall paper prep and paint 
3990PENN WYNNE PA 10 15 10 2005-10-14 
3989CUCAMONGA CA 12 20 2005-10-14 
30 hotel rooms 
3988DAYTON OH 326 334 10 2005-10-13 
Ceilings need painted also.approximately 5500 sq ft 3 story mediterannean with lotsa fine finished wood trim that needs no attention. all carpet is to be replaced so drop cloths are at a minimum
This includes three stairwells
House is vacant,no furnitur 
3987KETTERING MD 35 25 22 2005-10-13 
3986DALLAS TX 2005-10-13 
Need a bid on 100 unit apt. complex. 25 buildings with 8 units each. Project is in the Frankford & Tollway area. Need bid asap.
1. 54,000 sq. ft. new vinyl siding
2. 7,000 sq. ft. existing stucco
3. 2400 lin. ft fence at 5 ft high
4. Include trim, fa 
3985PLANO TX 30 48 10 2005-10-13 
Master Bedroom 14'x12'x8'
Bedroom: 10'x12'x8'
Bedroom: 10'x10'x8'
Kitchen: 12'x10'x10'
Living Room: 20'x18'x10' 
3984BROOKLYN NY 12 2005-10-13 
I have Benjamin Moore paint - Atrium White semi gloss. Please paint three walls - fourth wall cabinets and backsplash. need written estimate. in Bay Ridge Bklyn, Third AVe 99th St. FAX ESTIMATE TO 212 450 5588 
3983PLEASANTON CA 12 2005-10-12 
approx 1835 sq ft 2 story house built in 1970. Added covered porch 2004. New siding on front of house and the other 3 sides are stucco. Want porch railing and under eave painted. Whole house to be Cream base and dark green trim.  
3982ENCINITAS CA 2005-10-12 
Needs paint to the whole apartment only 800 sq. ft. total interior. Plus door maybe 7 and base board. Please advise at the estimated cost to do. Thank You 
3981LANSING MI 30 60 10 2005-10-12 
Home has overhang that needs to be repaired, (wood hanging loose in several places) approx 24 ft. of facia needs to be covered w/vinal facia. Has hole in siding 12"x12" needs to be covered. 4 windows need to be re-glazed.  
3980LANSING MI 24 30 10 2005-10-12 
Home has overhang that needs to be repaired, (wood hanging loose in several places) approx 24 ft. of facia needs to be covered w/vinal facia. Has hole in siding 12"x12" needs to be covered. 4 windows need to be re-glazed. 
3979ORLANDO FL 16 10 2005-10-12 
square footage 1500 
3978E WATERTOWN MA 2005-10-12 
Two family house: two back porches including ceiling railings and two small front porches. Some scraping will need to be done. No doors 
3977NORTH LAS VEGAS NV 10 20 40 40 30 2005-10-10 
2328 sf 4 bed/3ba/den/living/formal living & dining kitchen lndry all walls and trim. Will provide paint (just tell me how much)Only nail holes-no other damage 
3976ODESSA FL 45 51 2005-10-10 
New stucco, body of entire house needs primed. Needs 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of good paint. 
3975FORT GEORGE G MEADE MD 2005-10-10 
New Home. Empty Approx 6100SF 
3974DEWALT TX 73 78 2005-10-09 
refinish double doors to front of house.  
3973CAMDEN NJ 34 2005-10-09 
There are 6 hallways walls no ceilings. 30'x 151' x 8'. There is a lobby 14'x 13'x 20'. If you can could you let me know how much paint I'll need for the walls and the doors. 
3972CEDAR PARK TX 2005-10-09 
Paint will be supplied (already purchased): some wall prep (nail holes) one minor wall repair: inside only: home in River Place - 1950 square feet of which 1500 or less will need painting: 
3971SMYRNA GA 40 30 2005-10-07 
vacant condo- 2 bed/baths 1200 sf- neutral colors walls/ceilings/trim. narrow trim no crown- doors/base only. 8'ceilings -protect carpet. plain jane condo. need painting soon.thanks 
3970CHESAPEAKE VA 11 15 10 2005-10-07 
3969BROOKSIDE VILLAGE TX 48 108 2005-10-06 
3968OAK CREEK WI 14 68 18 2005-10-06 
Painting Hardi-plank on front of house only (sides & back are vinyl). Half of front is 18 ft, other portion is only 9 feet. Also to paint: cedar corners on front of house, 2 cedar posts on front porch, cedar kickboard under door, cedar wrap trim around 1 
3967LA JOLLA CA 49 21 2005-10-05 
this is a 4-four room dental office with a total square footage of 1300 ft. the dimensions of the rooms are 14x4, 9x3, 14x4, 12x10. there is limited patching. 
3966NORTHRIDGE CA 10 100 60 10 2005-10-04 
small 1 story valley home 
3965PHILA PA 10 25 97 75 23 2005-10-03 
The walls are wood siding. There are 3 different paint colors. 1 main 2 trims. Trim and windows need caulking (about 350 linear ft of trim to be caulk top and bottom). Not much prep outside of caulking, probally just pressure wash. 
3964BLACK WALNUT MO 18 20 2005-10-02 
3963FONTANA CA 12 60 30 2005-10-01 
3962BLOOMFIELD NJ 15 999 999 99 2005-09-30 
new constr apt bldg 42 2 BR apts tot
eggshell on all walls and clgs
1ct primer and 2 fin cts eggshell
80k sf total
150 doors to paint and 8 wood windows 
3961MONTCLAIR NJ 15 999 999 99 2005-09-30 
new constr apt bldg 42 2 BR apts tot
eggshell on all walls and clgs
1ct primer and 2 fin cts eggshell
80k sf total
150 doors to paint and 8 wood windows 
3960MONTCLAIR NJ 80 2005-09-30 
New Const 100K sf wall surface area 14 diff colors & 50K sf spray exposed decking like home depot clg with WB Epoxy. Poly 80 wood doors Provide separate pricing for each category Prev Wage rates only  
3959OXNARD CA 10 16 40 57 2005-09-30 
the house is 2400 sq ft. / 4 bed, 2 bath / empty house / 3 colors for whole house, thats it. 
3958MELROSE MA 21 24 23 40 2005-09-30 
1600 square foor colonial. 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath, kitchen, living, dining and sunrooms. 3 bedrooms, kiving room, dining room and hallways are wallpapered. Please quote with paper removal and without. Thanks 
3957DAVIE FL 11 40 40 2005-09-30 
3956ANDERSON OH 12 26 2005-09-29 
3955ANDERSON OH 12 12 2005-09-29 
Also need a seperate bid for the ceiling as well.
(I have 2-12x12 rooms) 
3954ANTIOCH SC 10 10 2005-09-29 
10,000 sqare feet(actual surface area, not room area) over several rooms(one large, others 10x10) no ceiling cut in, except last coat. painting over new sheet rock. eggshell finish paint.
no trim
prep to consist of 1 coat prime only.disregard the width 
3953AVONDALE-GOODYEAR AZ 14 16 10 2005-09-27 
Right now the room is half dark brown and half dark red. We will want it painted a completely different color, but we're not sure what color at this time. 
3952GIFFORD FL 10 12 2005-09-27 
I'm wanting to have this bedroom painted, but I would also love to have the inside of a small closet painted, there were no options for that. 
3951WATERTOWN WI 999 2005-09-26 
paint 1000 sq. ft. of new baseboard 
3950CRANFORD NJ 10 60 30 10 2005-09-26 
Split level home 
3949OLYMPIA WA 14 30 50 18 2005-09-24 
2353 sq ft 2 story 
3948OLYMPIA WA 16 30 60 2005-09-24 
The home is (2) story and the square footage is 2,353 would like it primed and painted also has 14 windows 
3947STEAMBOAT SPRINGS CO 27 250 2005-09-23 
3946STEAMBOAT SPRINGS CO 27 250 12 2005-09-23 
3945SAN DIMAS CA 2005-09-23 
what I need are My home shudders repainted 12 panels. Please email me if you do this kind of work.Thank you stan 
3944BRIGHTON UT 12 58 28 2005-09-23 
New home being built, need to get painted so residence can move in 
3943BRIGHTON UT 12 52 28 2005-09-23 
3942HIDDEN VALLEY CA 2005-09-22 
We need the interior walls of our house painted, including new baseboards (appr. 4inch tall) and moulding (3 inches). The new mouldings/baseboard is primed but not yet painted. WE've selected the paint colors for each room (Dunn Edwards). The house is abo 
3941STEAMBOAT SPRINGS CO 50 250 50 2005-09-22 
elastomeric painting ontop of existing stucco .... lots of windows and rock work...mansion 
3940STEAMBOAT SPRINGS CO 15 160 2005-09-22 
I need to paint 2 sliding doors one entry and approx 15 window trims..also the soffit needs painting..aprox 4 feet wide and 160 feet long, but joists hang down from soffit approx 1 foot and there are two spaced together with a width of about nine inches b 
3939DALLAS TX 17 2005-09-22 
3938LAKEWOOD NJ 28 27 2005-09-22 
2 bedrooms
14.5 x 14.5 room has wall paper to be removed and walls painted. The other room just needs to be painted. 
3937TONGANOXIE KS 12 10 12 2005-09-21 
3936NAPLES FL 10 12 10 2005-09-20 
3935LS MO 24 17 40 60 2005-09-20 
3934HALES CORNERS WI 50 50 25 2005-09-19 
This is a two story house that's built in 1994 with vinyl sidings. All exterior wood trims need to be repainted, except garage door. The wooden decorative fixture above garage roof also needs to be repainted.  
3933CASTLE POINT NJ 2005-09-19 
I am a painting contractor looking for someone that I can sub out some EIFS work to The job is in Hoboken Good money please call 919 669 1575 
3932BERKELEY CA 40 80 2005-09-19 
Hi, I have a large commercial space that needs painting. It's a dining room that is open on two sides, so a 40 foot wall and an 80 foot wall need painting, plus five pillars. There are also a couple of low walls perhaps an additional 200 square feet. W 
3931TACOMA WA 16 65 40 2005-09-19 
Duplex, complete interior plus 2 exterior doors. Appx. 3400 sq.ft. 
3930LAUREL MD 20 31 2005-09-19 
Some dry wall repair needed on ceiling 
3929EAU GALLIE FL 2005-09-19 
I am looking for someone to repair ceiling damage to our house caused by multiple leaks during the reroofing process. I assume that the entire ceiling will have to be painted in most of the rooms, to get the "perfect" match. Our house is 4000 sq ft and ne 
3928EAST DETROIT MI 12 16 2005-09-18 
3927IRONDEQUOIT NY 28 28 32 30 2005-09-18 
3926NEWPORT KY 12 11 2005-09-17 
3925CRANSTON RI 60 40 20 2005-09-16 
3924SAN JOSE CA 30 60 2005-09-16 
one ten by ten rm with ceiling and closet two ten by eight walls with windows one fourteen bysixteen rm with high ceiling plus closet wndw and dr one thirteen by nineteen rm and ceiling and sixty ft of overhang thirty ft wide and about eight ft tall the f 
3923ROCK ISLAND IL 10 2005-09-15 
Not sure on width length or height, about average. Four rooms plus small kitchen, hallway and back mud room.10 windows /6 doors and baseboards as well. All will require 2 coats for sure. 
3922ALOHA OR 38 50 2005-09-15 
The ends of the house have a triangle space above the 8 feet on each end that is 32 x 6 feet or 96 sq.ft each. This triangle forms the roof line, which means that the apex is approximately 14 ft. above the grouind  
3921AURORA CO 2005-09-15 
Looking for painter to do sponge like Faux Finish "Tuscan Theme" Living Room 15 X 20 and Bed Room 14 X 14.  
3920BAKERSFIELD CA 2005-09-15 
I would like the trim of my house painted including the trim around my singl front door and garage door. 
3919BAKERSFIELD CA 2005-09-15 
I would like the trim of my house painted including the trim around my singl front door and garage door. 
3918GLOUCESTER VA 11 14 2005-09-15 
The building was originally built in 1886 as a general store and is 2.5 stories tall. We are having the wood siding replaced with Hardie planking and need the trim and soffiting painted. We would prefer someone who could also paint the metal roof. The  
3917EULESS TX 2005-09-15 
1200 sq. ft. town house that needs to be made
move in ready for a new tenant. There is some
water damage to the spakling on the ceiling
in the living room and I would need that repaired and the ceiling repainted.
Areas that need painting:
Living roo 
3916HODGENVILLE KY 30 50 10 2005-09-15 
3913CHICAGO IL 2005-09-14 
around 3400 square foot wall space.2 colors. and ceiling around 1300 square foot space 
3912EDINA MN 30 44 2005-09-14 
Cedar shingle siding from blue to beige, overhang remains white/offwhite. New windows, so only trim 
3911PITTSBURG CA 13 60 30 20 2005-09-13 
2 story stucco home - 1600 sf 
3910HOUSTON TX 60 30 2005-09-12 
We would like someone to physically come to our home and give an estimate. One room has a 20ft ceiling. Please contact. Thank you. 
3909BETHANY OH 11 28 60 2005-09-12 
Windows are all different sizes.  
3908ELLENTON FL 18 60 30 10 2005-09-12 
Would like the house repainted in its original color. There are some cracks in the walls that will need preping and there is some mildew and water stains. There is only one door (2 sided) the others listed above are sliding glass doors. 
3907ROSEVILLE MI 55 125 2005-09-11 
commercial project 8500 square feet floor, 1/2 commercial carpet(want taken up and floor epoxy. need estimates on taking up carpeting and epoxy the floor 
3906SEATTLE WA 10 30 40 30 2005-09-09 
The house is 6 years old with a 2 year old paint job on cedar siding. The paint is failing and peeling off the house in several areas. This job will require a lot of ladder work because it is 3 stories tall on a hill. Size values are estimates. 
3905TRACY CA 20 60 40 20 2005-09-09 
Full exterior paint and trim on wood and stucco. Prep work, seal cracks and joints
powerwash and prime  
3904JACKSONVILLE FL 10 2005-09-08 
Brand new house, still under construction, closing date around the 10th of october.
No preparation at all, would like two coats of paint in,
-kitchen 12X13
-family room 16X17
-nook 9X16
-foyer 7X9
-dining room 11X13
-living room 11X13 
3903HOLIDAY FL 12 50 40 2005-09-08 
House is block const. with stucco finish. Has a few areas that are bare after pressure washing. Need walls and soffit areas with flashing painted 
3902BIGGS CA 15 50 70 25 2005-09-08 
two story 1874 Victorian has recently had a bad paint job with little prep. Need lots of scraping, etc.
Width, length and height are all a guess. 
3901COLUMBIA HEIGHTS MN 24 36 24 2005-09-08 
1 1/2 story stucco home also need to pain siding..  
3900UNIVERSITY OF NC NC 12 27 53 2005-09-07 
Doctor's office. 4 Patient rooms, Lobby, Office,doctor's office, Lab, File room, and 2 bathrooms. 
3899LINCOLN NE 34 582 20 2005-09-07 
ceader stain, half, brick house with ceader siding gables,and 2 sides of siding,moderatly cut up.2000sf.2story walk out.
ceader fence 1278 lin. ft.6ft. privacy. 


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