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4414NEWPORT BEACH CA 10 12 2006-04-09 
The room is actually 10/5' x 12' x 8'. Lots of holes that need to be patched. I would purchase the paint myself. 
4413N NATICK MA 10 2006-04-08 
This is a bathroom with a dark blue walls color that need to be painted over with a light off-white paint.
There a several other rooms that need paint so additional work is possible. 
4412FAYETTEVILLE GA 20 10 16 2006-04-08 
2900 sq ft paint all walls and trim, no doors, ceilings or bedrooms 
4411CHESAPEAKE VA 14 60 30 20 2006-04-08 
House location: 1009 Friar Tuck Ct Chesapeake VA 23322, need exterior house trim prepped, painted, incl window frames caulked/sealed/painted in/out). Need rear picket fence & wood playset sealed/painted/light repair. Pls. do not disturb tenants. 
4410BELLINGHAM WA 17 25 80 25 2006-04-07 
2 story turn of the century crafstman. Trim work is broad. Looking for one color trim, second color house.  
4409AGNEW WA 2006-04-07 
quote on painting 3 rooms 12 x 11

and one 12 x 18 
4408CHESAPEAKE VA 12 20 20 2006-04-07 
High ceiling wall in two front entry rooms and stirway wall all one color (room size smallish) also loft and possibly 1 or 2 bedrooms also small. Two small bathrooms. 
4407EDMONDS WA 24 40 2006-04-06 
1900 sq. ft house needs interior prep and paint. 
4406WOODSTOCK GA 18 20 10 2006-04-06 
The room that needs to be done is a master bathroom. Some areas of wallpaper need to be removed (small areas), then primed and painted. The measurmenets above reflect the space that needs to be painted and the height is the highest areas in the room (vaul 
4405BUENA PARK CA 16 26 15 2006-04-06 
ready t 
4404INDIANAPOLIS IN 10 25 24 20 2006-04-06 
I am considering the purchase of 1726 S
Meridian Indy See at www historiclandmarks org/forsale/flip html I need an idea of the cost of dealing with the lead exterior paint Can you estimate the cost of dealing with it how long would this take 
4403NEW PORT RICHEY FL 12 12 12 2006-04-06 
I would like to get estimates from a couple different companies. Please contact me asap, I am looking to hire someone now. 
4402BELLEVILLE NJ 13 30 40 36 2006-04-06 
what is the price of the high scenerio 
4401HILLCREST NJ 12 12 10 2006-04-06 
Two-tone. Ceiling White Semi-Gloss, Walls Custom Color Semigloss & Trim White Hi-Gloss (2 Coats) 
4400EATONVILLE FL 12 40 60 10 2006-04-05 
4399EL MONTE CA 14 25 50 10 2006-04-05 
Need exterior of house prepped and painted. Also have a detached two car garage. 
4398BATAVIA OH 60 30 2006-04-05 
1400 sg. feet trilevel 3 BR, 1.5 Baths LR Kitchen and Basement family room 
4397BATAVIA OH 12 12 2006-04-05 
1400 sg. feet trilevel 3 BR, 1.5 Baths LR Kitchen and Basement family room 
4396WINDER GA 23 20 400 10 2006-04-05 
The exterior trim to be painted constists of 1x8 fascia, 12" soffit, and 1x6 crown. The back of the house is 30' off the ground to the peak. 
4395DENTON TX 10 11 10 2006-04-04 
I need my back 2 guestrooms painted. One will be a simple paint and trim the other will encompass removing wallpaper, texurizing, and painting (including the ceiling in this one room) size est 10X11 
4394RANCHO MIRAGE CA 50 50 25 2006-04-04 
4393VALDESE NC 200 200 2006-04-04 
Paint a commercial building ceiling with rafters 18 inches on center. customer will supply vapor barrier paint and dry fall labor intensive, no walls and no trim ceiling only. hours that can be painted are at night on friday and monday if interested pleas 
4392NEWBERG OR 17 30 50 11 2006-04-03 
4391HIGHLAND PARK IL 12 30 40 12 2006-04-03 
1 story 1000sq ft house built in 1957. No garage. Wood siding. Wood trim on windows and facia. Last painted 6 years ago for 1600 dollars. Some pealing on trim. Repaint same colors. Please do not paint windows shut. No numbers.  
4390RYE NY 20 26 35 52 2006-04-03 
Home is located in Rye NY. Has a front porch with steel railings and 5 columns. Home is probably only 2,000 square feet. I could be off on my measurments above.

Front proch floor also needs to be painted. Ext coat. 
4389VISALIA CA 60 30 2006-04-03 
4388STROUDSBURG PA 33 38 2006-04-03 
MBR 16X18
Family Room 17X20
Foyer & Second Floor Hall 
4387LAKE WORTH FL 40 70 2006-04-03 
Must have a palm beach license and insurance and besides the exterior, I need a patio floor painted and driveway painted, patio approx 23x13, driveway 16x35. 
4386CENTERVILLE MN 60 30 2006-04-03 
Our town home is 1560 square feet.We do not need the insides of the closets painted or doors/windows. It's a pretty standard townhome. It will be painted white already. Our completion date is the end of May or early June- like to paint b4 moving in. 
4385QUAIL VALLEY CA 15 21 16 2006-04-02 
New construction. Empty home. Very little prep. 2 walls are 16' height, 2 walls are 8' height. Do not paint ceiling. Stairwell and stair rail included in job. More work if the price is right. Flexible date. 
4384SANFORD FL 68 2006-04-02 
The house will need to be pressure washed to removed the old paint. The roof has new white aluminum trim, the existing trim is brown. On site estimates will need to be after 5:30 p.m. Thank you. This is a single family, one story, block home.  
4383DANIELS MD 27 30 60 16 2006-04-02 
House dimensions are estimates. 2 story House. Siding doesn't need paint, just windows and door. Include: 2car garage door/trim painted & fix of rubber around frame, Fix/paint Bay window trim, paint walls by basement walk-up steps. Dates flexible. 
4382COLUMBUS OH 2006-04-01 
interior entrance, hallway, living area, stairway and upstairs hallway-all joined/approx 1475 sq ft of surface area to paint with @15 walls to prep/some walls 15-16 feet ht/includes 10 doors that do not need painted and 3 windows 
4381BROOKSIDE VT 24 32 2006-04-01 
Exterior trim only, total amount of trim in linear feet is 486 linear feet. Most is face board painting, a fair amount of ladder work is needed. Large porch window trim work amount figured in linear feet estimate. White paint. 
4380HERNDON VA 114 150 2006-03-31 
Paint all walls, ceiling and baseboards of entire house (3 levels). LR, Kit, DR, FR, 4 BDR, 3 Ba, Basement.Remove wallpaper from 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Textured ceiling. One color throughout. 
4379FAIRPORT NY 22 2006-03-30 
4378INVERNESS IL 36 32 10 2006-03-30 
est about 800sq feet of wall space. 4 doors (both sides) 3 sliding closet doors. pair of french doors (both sides). front door one side. short hallway that is mostly doors. 1 sm bathroom. it is a loft unit that has a ceiling only in kitchen and small hall 
4377CANYON LAKE TX 37 50 2006-03-30 
5428 sqft, 9 ft ceilings second floor, 10 ft to 23 ft ceilings on first floor. Ceilings do not need paint.

Oil base on trim. Satin latex on walls. Color changes.  
4376QUAIL VALLEY CA 15 21 16 2006-03-30 
New construction. Empty home. Very little prep. 3 walls are 8' height. 1 wall is 16' height.Stairwell and stair rail included in job. Flexible on date. Additional work if price is right. 
4375COTTONDALE AL 16 30 12 2006-03-30 
addtion is primed 1 french door old windows need scraping exposed rafters and deckboards trim only on windows 
4374FORT COLLINS CO 13 40 42 18 2006-03-29 
exterior paint 2 story, 1600 sq ft house - probably dark green base, white trim. front/side doors, garage door, back sliding door. Quality more medium/high - thorough prep job, but 1 coat of good paint should be good if it covers. Looking to get it done 
4373ALLISON PARK PA 16 25 147 251 2006-03-29 
Fifteen year old house with large two story entry way Unoccupied base walls and ceiling in good shape minimal patching needed  
4372LAWRENCEVILLE GA 2006-03-29 
I would like to have my shutters on the from of my home, overhang and front door painted black. 
4371DENVER CO 11 50 50 17 2006-03-29 
1 single car garage door, not sure about measurments, approx. 950 sq ft living space 1/2 & 1/2 brick home, some shutters involved, has covered patio in backyard ranch style home 
4370DENVER CO 11 50 50 25 2006-03-29 
1 single car garage door, not sure about measurments, approx. 950 sq ft living space 1/2 & 1/2 brick home, some shutters involved, has covered patio in backyard ranch style home 
4369DENVER CO 14 25 60 20 2006-03-29 
This is a traditional Washington Park bungalow that we've sprucing up in order to put on the market at the end of April 2006. The house is approx. 1100 sq. ft. South and west-facing exterior is peeling. 
4368NAPLES FL 2006-03-29 
2 bedroom/1 bath total of 1037 sq feet, vaulted ceiling in living room 
4367CORDOVA TN 10 11 10 2006-03-29 
We began painting kitchen red and are having problems with light/dark spots. We need it fixed and finished.  
4366INDIANAPOLIS IN 2006-03-29 
We want 2-3 rooms 36 x 38 x 12 
4365CELINA TX 14 12 10 2006-03-29 
Approximately 520 Square feet. Need kitchen (pretty small) painted one color, living painted a second color and dining area a third color. 
4364LOXAHATCHEE FL 25 25 15 2006-03-29 
4363LAKE WORTH FL 25 25 15 2006-03-29 
4362NAPLES FL 20 10 11 2006-03-28 
2175 sf - 1 floor, 3 BDR,3.5 BA
Interior flat paint-2 coats, WALLS ONLY. Labor cost ONLY. Include separate quote for painting the BATHROOMS using Linen application process.
4361S SALT LAKE UT 11 30 2006-03-28 
I need the outside trim/overhang of my home painted, there is also a back patio that needs to be done all in a single color. It is a 2 story, built in 1911.... there will need to be some scraping, and definately scaffolding to reach the 2nd floor, where  
4360MESA AZ 2006-03-28 
about 900 square feet. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, living room and kitchen. 
4359LAS VEGAS NV 59 50 2006-03-28 
1 livingroom has fireplace 2 small baths hall 2 bds large sliding doors 1 coat good paint no repairs needed. 
4358PUEBLO CO 12 12 2006-03-28 
bedroom 12' X 12' 
4357CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 12 30 75 2006-03-28 
entire interior ceilings baseboard doors window trim baseboard. 90percent Lath and plaster
10 percent cinderblock.Width Length Heigth dementions are entire inside estimated calcultion 
4356BETHESDA MD 11 15 25 60 2006-03-28 
A three level townhouse a total of 1900 sq ft stairway area is two stories high.Windows are metal clad no painting necessary. 
4355COMUS MD 78 15 500 900 99 2006-03-28 
It is a three level townhouse, just the walls need to be painted. a total of 1900 sq are aluminum 
4354SUFFOLK VA 60 30 2006-03-27 
We would like the whole interior painted, our house is 2500 sq ft, currently only has white paint in everyroom. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, kitchen, dining room, den, family room. Unsure of the exact dimensions, currently we are living in Japan and will  
4353COLUMBUS OH 2006-03-27 
Exterior of my home needs painting. Trim on windows amd exterior of house. House is primarily siding, but has trim areas and one main area in the front need attention. 
4352OLIVE BRANCH MS 55 20 35 2006-03-27 
Home is at 6362 Oak Run Drive East in Olive Branch, MS. if you want to estimate.My cell phone is 901-647-8513 and my name is Tony Grubbs 
4351POWDER SPRINGS GA 30 50 35 45 2006-03-27 
Front is all brick except trim other and porch columns 3 sides needs paint. 2 story house and basement. 2 coats not required, but a job done better then the builder and a thicker coat is. Also interested in having all of my windows chaulked before pain 
4350OWINGS MILLS MD 36 24 2006-03-27 
living room is 22 X 11
dining room is 14 X 11
Doors painted will be the front, closet, bath, and french doors.
Window trim - one large window in living room.

4349BELLEVUE TN 50 50 15 2006-03-27 
I will need to get you measurements - entered above is not correct - but am interested in quotes for exterior painting of brick/vinyl - smaller ranch style home - mostly brick - some vinyl on top. 
4348KAGEL CANYON CA 2006-03-27 
4346SAINT CHARLES MO 999 999 99 2006-03-25 
seeking bids on exterior house painting job in St. Charles, MO (off central school road& midrivers drive) will most likely install soffit prior to paint will require proof of insurance and lien waivers bbb good standing 
4345SCOTTSDALE AZ 14 50 12 2006-03-25 
walls only in living room, dining room and up wide stairs, vaulted ceilings 
4344BUENA VENTURA LAKES FL 35 40 20 2006-03-24 
1464 sq ft condo with 2 stories. 3 beds, 3 baths. Will need ceilings done, as well. One window is sliding glass doors at end of great room. 
4343WAKEFIELD MA 14 25 35 20 2006-03-24 
I'd like quotes on painting my external trim on my house - specifically around the doors and windows. I also have shutters that need to be painted. Some need to be replaced as well. Could you do that as well
I also have a wood around my desk that need 
4342ROSWELL GA 12 36 46 24 2006-03-24 
Just guessing on the dimensions. Need 2 rooms painted and one hallway. As well as all trim and doors and window frames painted through out the house. One ceiling touch up required from water stain (size approx 1'x1'). 
4341CATALPA VA 18 19 2006-03-24 
2200sq ft new house has primer coat from construction needs 3 bathrooms, 1 bedroom, livingroom, dining room, family room, kitchen and 2 hallways painted very little prep needed looking for a high quality job
Start and finish dates are flexable  
4340LAWNDALE CA 19 13 2006-03-24 
I have a kitchen that need to be painted,
it has like six small cracks and some patched areas that need to be sanded and primed 
4339SAINT CHARLES MD 53 41 2006-03-23 
No ceilings. Family room, study, morning room. Three to four days to paint. New construction. House will be empty of furniture.

4338ELLICOTT CITY MD 14 10 2006-03-23 
Need to paint 2 bedrooms
height is 8feet 
4337BALTIMORE MD 2006-03-23 
Need to paint my living room and dining room combo along with stair well and hall way. For accurate length and width Avaiable for Saturday the 25th measurement.

Not sure width and length and height 
4336LITTLETON CO 30 25 999 999 99 2006-03-23 
4000 Sq Ft home interior painting 
4335BENTONVILLE AR 15 15 10 2006-03-22 
New home-moved into in Dec.--want to change color from dark brown color in one bedroom and attached bathroom to a lighter green. Walls and ceiling need paint. Trim and baseboards are pale yellow.  
4334EL TORO CA 10 2006-03-22 
Small kitchen in a townhouse needs walls and ceiling repainted, but no cabinets. Less than 300 square feet space. 
4333LOTHIAN MD 16 22 19 2006-03-22 
2 rooms need to be painted. Family room with above measurements (total 3 walls, 2 colors plus fireplace from floor to ceiling, no doors, 6 of 7 windows), and front foyer 12X16X19 including stairway (different color than family room, spindles on stairway, 
4332INDIANAPOLIS IN 10 50 70 10 2006-03-22 
I have 45 condo units to paint. I have detailed information bid sheets available by fax or email. Project to start Mid may and last 3-4 months depending on weather 
4331FLORHAM PARK NJ 2006-03-22 
I have 4 new fiberglass columns (primed) 18' x 18" wide (round) and some new fascia boards capping a box beam that need painting. Fascia boards are @ 18"H x 12"D 60'L (total) and require painting on front, bottom and back. Some minor priming needed on fas 
4330ALEXANDRIA VA 12 30 50 2006-03-22 
Need paint on the roof trim only. Townhouse in Kingstowne. 
4329LEXINGTON KY 11 178 164 2006-03-22 
4328HOUSTON TX 740 260 36 2006-03-21 
The job is exterior repainting 2storey building approximately 37,000 sq ft 
4327STAFFORD VA 2006-03-21 
I have a town home approx 2200 sq foot of space 95 percent finished. I would like three and one half baths, two master bedrooms, kitchen, family room, office, living room, dinning area painted. Primary master bath has vaulted ceiling at twelve ft high o 
4326SAN DIEGO CA 46 52 12 2006-03-21 
front length 51ft 1in. right side 46ft 7 in. left side 46ft 2 inch. back 50ft. stucco exterior. 200ft of fascia with 2 foot soffits 
4325SAN ANTONIO TX 17 41 39 20 2006-03-21 
One side - brick (paint door and trim)
two sides - 1/2 brick
one side - no brick (double doors)

Use paint that does not allow bleeding 
4324CANYON COUNTRY CA 17 21 38 26 2006-03-21 
1825 sq ft 2 story home. Cement siding and stucco with wood trim porch 
4323PHILA PA 20 60 2006-03-21 
1744 Sqft walls
715 Sqft Ceiling
2459 Sqft wallpaper removal 
4322ALPHARETTA GA 2006-03-21 
I need some finishing touches that my uncle left. some walls need some repaint and 2 bathrooms painted with a spanish texture on one. One bedroom and a closet 
4320FRAMINGHAM MA 14 17 2006-03-21 
I am looking for bids to paint two rooms in my condo to get it ready to sell. Room 1 is 14x17 with one large window and 3 doors. Room two is 11x15 with 2 windows, one door and two sliding closet doors. Also to paint trim and one window in kitchen. 
4319RANCHO MIRAGE CA 10 60 30 2006-03-21 
1500 sq. foot condo at Mission Hills.
Acoustic Ceiling scraping, wall paper removal in two bathrooms and paint throughout. 
4318CAPE CORAL FL 32 50 2006-03-21 
brand new 2600 SF home. Will have coat of white paint already done. Would like to paint interior walls a light beige - same color throughout. Do not need baseboards,doors, ceilings or trim painted. 2 story home. Do not need 2 bedrooms done or master close 
4317CAPE CORAL FL 32 50 2006-03-21 
brand new 2600 SF home. Will have coat of white paint already done. Would like to paint interior walls a light beige - same color throughout. Do not need baseboards,doors or trim painted. 2 story home. Do not need 2 bedrooms done or master closet (remove  
4316GRAPEVINE TX 10 10 50 34 10 2006-03-21 
1700 sq feet house, entire interior needs painting. 3 x rooms need wallpaper to be removed (not all walls). More details to follow. 
4315CITY OF INDUSTRY CA 25 50 2006-03-20 
1,136 SF,two story condo with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, need to paint walls and ceiling 
4314WEST MONROE NY 12 35 44 24 2006-03-20 
Farm house with asbestos siding. Main house is 27x44 two story. single story addition is 25x24. Estimate for walls only. house has vinyl windows,wrapped trim,facia and overhangs 
4313STAMFORD CT 12 11 18 10 2006-03-20 
3 rooms - 2 are 11x18, 1 is 11x7. Also, back entranceway and stair case (15 stairs high, 12 ft ceilings). all rooms different colors, ceiling needs work as well. some significant cracks in ceiling and walls, all coated with white primer currently. 


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