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5042ISLINGTON MA 15 100 60 2006-11-05 
5041MEDFORD OR 40 50 10 2006-11-04 
for kitchen, dining, and living rooms. All trim, doors and cabinets are stained wood involving a good deal of masking.  
5040FISHERS IN 2006-11-02 
House for sale & realtor suggested that I paint walls "neutral" color. House is empty. includes office, family room, dining room, kitchen, entry, playroom, and 2 small bedrooms.  
5039BATESVILLE MS 15 12 28 80 2006-11-01 
5038LITTLE ROCK AR 28 32 2006-10-30 
paint two bedrooms, incl. baseboard and doors (cover wood varnish/ with paint). Very little window trim - sills only. 
5037LONG VALLEY NJ 2006-10-30 
5036TALLADEGA AL 15 22 2006-10-30 
Wood Paneling walls painted white in good shape, but would like to have painted baige. 
5035SPEEGLEVILLE TX 15 20 2006-10-29 
I would like my living room painted it is three walls. The bottom half of the walls is wall paper. I would like that remove and textured.  
5034WARWICK RI 114 156 10 2006-10-29 
5033PARK HEIGHTS PA 22 16 2006-10-28 
I have a 22' x 16' living room with 3 windows and an entry door that I would like painted. The room has standard 8' ceilings.
Total wall space is roughly 610 square ft. 
5032WOODBRIDGE VA 11 18 10 2006-10-28 
1 car garage...has two large windows (5x3)builder finished drywall...seams needs light sanding. Primer and 1 coat should suffice. 
5031CROCKER WA 2006-10-28 
We just acquired a property and the previous owner did a horrible touch up paint job. Alomst every room in the house has spots here and there and we need to have it fixed. 
5030IRVINE CA 10 35 45 20 2006-10-27 
4 bedroom, 2 and half bath, 2 story, single family, 1900 square feet home plus garage.
The above dimensions (35' x 45' x 20') is the exterior dimension of home.  
5029LITTLE ROCK AR 10 400 400 2006-10-27 
Not really sure about the dimensions. Would like all room walls painted in house except for living room. This includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and small kitchen. The entire house is approximately 1583 sq feet.  
5028HOWELL MI 20 24 2006-10-27 
average sized living room with varnished wood trim. 
5027FORT LAWTON WA 30 34 999 2006-10-26 
New construction sash and swing windows eight french doors included Oil Impervo spray finish Detailed bid run down if poss 
5026FORT LAWTON WA 30 34 999 2006-10-26 
New construction sash and swing windows eight french doors included. Oil Impervo spray finish. Detailed bid run down if poss 
5025WESTMINSTER CA 40 30 10 2006-10-26 
Paint all interior. Kitchen, living room, 3 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms and hall. The house is currently vacant. 
5024PORTLAND TN 12 2006-10-26 
It's a 1400 square foot ranch 
5023GLEN ALLEN VA 70 70 10 2006-10-26 
some water damage..bubbeling mostly. needs to be repaired and then painted. 
5022NAPERVILLE IL 20 20 2006-10-25 
Paint has already been purchased (Behr) - residential client in Aurora. 
5021HERNDON VA 10 10 150 200 2006-10-25 
Interior Painting for(includes walls and ceilings) Living , Dining& Family room(two story) , Foyer Entrance(two story), Master bedroom . Interior Painting in Kitchen, laundry & powder room , Two bedrooms(kids) and one bathroom(kids). All trim, doors, and 
5020FAIRFAX VA 2006-10-25 
This is a very small job, but must be done...we have two shutters on the second floor with flaking paint that must be repainted 
5019SAINT ALBANS VT 16 50 70 20 2006-10-24 
5018OWINGS MILLS MD 20 999 999 99 2006-10-24 
4 bedroom house 2200 square feet of living space. every room (about 11) needs to be painted. would not want to pay more than 1000 including materials, but willing to negotiate. 
5017FRESNO CA 2006-10-24 
Painting of 4 rooms, (all different colours) one is an entrance way with a cathedral ceiling. Two of the rooms will have one wall a different color than the others, one of those walls would have stripes painted on it. Two rooms have closets that need to b 
5016BELLEVUE WA 10 31 51 20 2006-10-24 
5015FRISCO TX 2006-10-24 
I have a wooden front door that needs to be snaded, re-stained, and then have a couple fo coats of clear varnish put on it. I live in Lonesat ranch. I am looking for a very competitive bid. 
5014HACK NJ 2006-10-24 
i also need wall paper for one accent wall...the space is not that large and i need this done asap...tried to do it myself, i need help 
5013DENVER CO 20 2006-10-24 
25,200 square feet includes doors 18 rooms and hallways and ceiling hieght, most ceilings do not paint(ceiling surface that does paint is inc. in square footage estimation) . 2 colors, 2 sheens, primer coat all suraces 2 coats of paint.  
5012FRISCO TX 2006-10-24 
I have a wood stained fornt door that needs to be stripped, restained and then have varnish put on it. I live in Lonestar Ranch.Looking for a very competitive bid.  
5011LAKE PARK FL 12 19 2006-10-24 
want ceilings painted also, but no trim work 
5010DAVIE FL 2006-10-24 
The home is 920 square feet. 
5009N CORNWALL PA 12 16 2006-10-24 
Paint over vinyl paneling. Remove one over refrigerator cabinet to paint behind and around. 12" block tile ceiling to paint white. 
5008AURORA CO 2006-10-23 
Repaint house exterior and newly paint a newly built detached garage. We are waiting for the garage doors to be installed (2 double, 1 single) but will be ready to paint after that. 
5006HAMPTON VA 38 25 2006-10-23 
This is a one story "rental" home (rancher type). Front is brick faces, the sides and back are some type of slab. House needs to be pressure washed and painted. There is some trim in front of house that needs painting also. 
5005SPRING TX 28 32 2006-10-23 
5004LOWELL MA 25 2006-10-23 
this is a single family home - wood shingles. It has approximately 2900 square feet of living space in the inside with 3 floors(don't know if that helps in terms of size). It may need some scraping, but I'm not sure since it may be lead paint. 
5003LITTLE ELM TX 24 24 12 2006-10-23 
walls are currently painted dark colors, may need one coat of primer before paint. 
5002CHARLOTTE NC 15 15 2006-10-22 
kitchen very small. Not much to paint 
5001BALTIMORE MD 10 2006-10-22 
I am looking to have 4 rooms/celings painted in my home. I also want all window trim (9 windows) painted and all baseboards throughout my house. 
5000SARASOTA FL 20 40 10 2006-10-22 
Paint Pool Cage frame inside and out.  
4999NORRISTOWN PA 12 12 2006-10-22 
Dining Room with newly installed french doors that need priming and painting as well as entire room and ceiling. Bright white paint. 
4998SWARTHMORE PA 25 20 10 2006-10-22 
We have an attic and two stairways that need to be painted. There is also trim in three additional bedrooms and several doors that need to be painted white. We have the paint and have started the project, just aren't skilled enough to finish the job. Than 
4997ALBUQUERQUE NM 115 10 2006-10-22 
I have a 3bdrm/2 ba and the total sq. footage is 1156. 
4996TAMPA FL 30 45 2006-10-21 
Also need the textured ceilings painted along with the three closets, one a walk in. 
4995EASTON MA 11 13 18 2006-10-21 
Foyer area with approximate measurements: 11'x13' with 18'ceiling.
Family room with approximate measurements:
22'x20' with 18'celing.
Hallway with approximate measurements:
35' long with 9'celing 
4994LAYTON UT 10 15 2006-10-20 
A couple rooms need to be finished or touch-up. In family room, one wall (length) is done. Left to do is 1 length wall and 2 width.
In kitchen, just one wall to be painted.
Small bath to be painted. Bath has wains coating on wall, so only above wain 
4993DELHI IL 12 60 30 2006-10-20 
this is an old house everything has to be painted  
4992KLEIN TX 15 2006-10-20 
looking for someone to repaint the interior doors. Hardware will be removed prior to pickup. No installation or rehanging required. Open start date. 
4991KLEIN TX 40 70 16 2006-10-20 
one story house/brick all around. approx 2000 sq ft
needs trim painted / possible some sealing work - start date is open 
4990LOGANVILLE GA 2006-10-20 
Approx 20 foot high ceiling, living room (with balcony) connects to foyer, also staircase, hallway. 
4989MONROE WA 10 40 60 25 2006-10-20 
Two story house built in 1998, needs a change of color. Inside sq ft 1880. Outside dimensions are estimated. 
4988CEDAR RAPIDS IA 15 26 65 32 2006-10-19 
exterior of house, trim and wood siding, 2 stories with a peaked roof for 3rd story. located at 110 16th ave se, cedar rapids iowa property is for sale and I am pricing for spring work. paint in 70 percent
condition, contact for picture 
4987WINDSOR CA 30 30 25 2006-10-19 
Need new paint job on house that has been let go cosmetically. 2400sq/ft 2 story house. Want good craftsmanship. In Windsor.
Need ballpark bid- thanks... 
4986DUBLIN CA 10 20 10 2006-10-19 
just had all walls and ceiling retextured
have 4bd 2bath need complete interior paint of all rooms and kitchen and closets apprx 1800sf
also need crown moulding and baseboards
and 7 doors replaced with trim 
4985POWDER SPRINGS GA 2006-10-18 
would like my exterior painting and damage wood replace and painted 
4984MONMOUTH JUNCTION NJ 20 30 2006-10-17 
We have 1 living room, dining area, 1 bedroom and 2baths to be painted. The living room is already primed. 
4983FLUSHING NY 60 40 10 2006-10-17 
I need it asap 
4982CHESAPEAKE BEACH MD 2006-10-17 
prep & paint white the walls and ceilings of two floor cape style house. (1) large master bdrm, (1) small bedroom/(1) medium bedroom, large living rm, med dining room, small office, med kitchen, (2.5) bathrooms, (2) hallways.  
4981FLUSHING NY 30 20 10 2006-10-16 
4980ORLANDO FL 2006-10-14 
4979ROSE HILL TX 14 17 10 2006-10-13 
4978COPANO VILLAGE TX 12 27 73 20 2006-10-12 
4977CATALINA AZ 11 48 60 2006-10-12 
4976ALLINGTOWN CT 30 60 20 2006-10-11 
3,000 sq. ft. house powerwash needed - clapboard shingle possible paint vinyl shutters and trim 
4975ST LOUIS TX 60 100 2006-10-11 
eves and overhangs about 5500sq ft porches of about 150 sq ft 
4974DUBLIN CA 39 45 2006-10-10 
Walls going from downstairs to upstairs mostly 9' high. Only one point 8 x 3 at 15'high at stairwell. then part leading to upper hallway and one bathroom 6x8x9 and one laundry 5x6x9. All in Semi-Gloss paint each a differnet color. No painting required for 
4973DUBLIN CA 39 45 2006-10-10 
Walls going from downstairs to upstairs mostly 9' high. Only one point 8 x 3 at 15'high at stairwell. then part leading to upper hallway and one bathroom 6x8x9 and one laundry 5x6x9. All in Semi-Gloss paint each a differnet color. No painting required for 
4972BARRINGTON NJ 14 20 10 2006-10-09 
Loft Bedroom with 2 large closets and 3 crawl space doors.

Paint Ceiling, walls and all woodwork, including window frames 
4971BAYSIDE NY 40 2006-10-09 
I need the trim of my living room ceiling painted. Part of the trim is above the entrance stairs, so it was difficult to reach. It was partially done, but now I want the whole thing re-done. It is a small job, but I cannot do it myself. The room is square 
4970GARLAND TX 2006-10-07 
We do not need any painting done. We just need floating and texture on a 2 1/2 X 8 ft wall addition (on two sides), a wall where we pulled out mirror adhesive (and damaged texture) and on 3 walls about 4 inches (where we pulled off a chair rail).  
4969TURLOCK CA 13 50 70 2006-10-06 
5 yr old two story. looking at just the down stairs that is about 1300 sq ft overall. one bathroom, one laundry room, kitchen, family and dining room and den. will need to have shutters and blinds removed and reinstalled. Many walls have paint transfers 
4968LOUISVILLE KY 2006-10-05 
Paint brick fireplace chimney, several brick panels on front side of house, wooden entry 'pillars',and trim of front door and possibly also door. some prep, primer needed 
4966CARROLLTON GA 73 57 26 2006-10-05 
4965COLBY KS 45 13 2006-10-04 
one gable pretty steep pitch in the front of the house.All trim is 1x4&2x4 there are three stairs in front that requir cut in. 
4964GOLDEN GATE FL 24 50 10 2006-10-04 
1000 sq foot condo/vaulted ceilings in living room only 
4963AUBREY TX 15 23 18 2006-10-03 
Area to be painted is our living room area and upstairs hallway and loft that connects to the living room. All same color. Only one wall is 18 feet...other 1st floor walls are about 14 feet. Second floor loft walls are 8 ft tall.

Would like to see qu 
4962ROSEVILLE CA 2006-10-03 
Top of rooms need paint about 2 inches from 20 foot ceiling.  
4961TALLAHASSEE FL 2006-10-03 
1800 sq ft. 3b/2ba, living room, kitchen, dining room 
4960ANAHEIM CA 12 28 60 20 2006-10-02 
I live in a mobile home that is seven years old and requires a good quality paint job. 
4959WESTFIELD NJ 2006-10-02 
Need walls painted only. 5 rooms on first floor. 5 bedrooms and hallways. 3 bathrooms. New house, low prep work, walls only.  
4957MONTCLAIR CA 555 555 68 2006-09-30 
empty apartment 2 bedroom 2 bath 1500 suare feet not sure about these width and lengh and height its one story 
4956EDGEWOOD FL 19 18 12 2006-09-30 
Need living room and dining room walls painted. Leave trim white. Vaulted ceiling in living room of maybe 12-15 feet. Want accent color 
4955JENNINGS LODGE OR 60 40 20 2006-09-30 
Not sure of height of walls - this is a standard split entry style home.  
4954FALLS CHURCH VA 25 45 10 2006-09-30 
The interior rooms have catherial ceilings that have just been insulated by putting holes in them. Ceilings may need prep or techure paint. Approx Living room (16x12), dining room,(9x10) hall (3x 18)all one color. Large picture window in living room cove 
4953LUCKETTS VA 30 10 100 100 10 2006-09-30 
This is an older home with plaster walls that need to be prep. There is two rooms on the lower level, three bedrooms, and a stair well bottom to top.  
4952LUCKETTS VA 30 10 500 500 10 2006-09-30 
This is an older home with plaster walls that need to be prep. There is two rooms on the lower level, three bedrooms, and a stair well bottom to top.  
4951GRANVILLE MA 11 30 50 25 2006-09-28 
Ranch house, 1800 sq ft, garage under. Also need deck painted. Not sure about L, W and H.  
4950PIGEON FORGE TN 25 40 18 2006-09-28 
Outside walls height of approximately 2 feet to 18 feet on slope. Both outside corners require patching of settling cracks prior to painting (It has been assessed by a foundation person and watched for one year for further settling). It is a 1,000 sq fo 
4949FORT WAYNE IN 2006-09-27 
Looking for painter to Paint 6 exterior shutters on the second story and to also paint a new steel entry door. Will supply paint for both.  
4948MENIFEE CA 53 98 2006-09-27 
want repainted/ dining room 12x13.4
kitchen 27.10x10
living room 18.8x12.8
family room 16x12.8
vaulted ceilings in these rooms are 8 to 12 feet
living room and family room have skylights
4945JONESBORO AR 14 18 10 2006-09-26 
need painter fast 
4944OAKLEY CA 10 24 2006-09-26 
Two bedrooms, about 10'x12' each. We will supply the paint (Behr latex). The walls and trim will be different colors. One room will probably require a coat of primer to hide the bubble-gum blue paint. 
4943STAFFORD TX 12 15 2006-09-25 
Would like to have the whole house painted it is 2800 square ft. I don't want the ceiling painted. I will supply the paint 
4942BENICIA CA 23 26 55 10 2006-09-24 
20,000 square feet approximately to paint (including eves and windows) 
4941NORTH PORT FL 2006-09-22 
I am interested in hiring soemone to paint my new townhome EXCLUDING the bathrooms and the 2 small bedrooms. I did not measure all my walls.....I have a copy of the floor plan and can email it to you. My email address is I am in L 
4940DOWNINGTOWN PA 2006-09-20 
Would like estimate on getting the interior of my house painted (almost every room). Would also like exterior garage trim painted. Would like professional job - moving all furniture carefully and doing a good paint job.

Desire some help with color sel 
4939DOWNINGTOWN PA 2006-09-20 
Would like estimate on getting the interior of my house painted (almost every room). Would also like exterior garage trim painted.

Desire some help with color selection / design.

Dining Room
Living Room
Family Room
4938SUNNYVALE CA 100 100 25 2006-09-20 


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