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5875FORT COLLINS CO 30 42 14 2008-05-19 
1 and a half story old town home. needs pressure wash and minor scraping, most walls and trim are in good shape 
5874EAST MISSOULA MT 32 48 24 2008-05-19 
5873NORTH BETHESDA MD 60 30 18 2008-05-19 
I need only a portion of the outside painted. The north side of the house is 30 feet wid, 20ish high. The portion of the back that I need painted is about 35 feet wide and 20ish high. In this space there are 5 windows and one sliding glass door. Sidin 
5872OMAHA NE 10 10 2008-05-18 
5871OMAHA NE 10 10 2008-05-18 
Flat walls.. couple small dings to be filled with putty. No patching needed.
Going from off white to a different off white colour. 
5870NORTHVILLE MI 12 13 2008-05-18 
1 bedroom (12 x 13)with 1 door, 1 window and small closed with fixed shelving 
5869BALTIMORE MD 2008-05-18 
paint a brand new, un-moved into house. It'a about 2200sf townhome with 8 foot cellings All painted one color...krisp khaki. I want no doors, windows or base painted 
5868COLUMBIA MD 10 2008-05-17 
Paint the ceiling and the trim and doors, for a hallway, kitchen dinning room area, living room. big room is 13X13 
5867VIRGINIA BEACH VA 19 2008-05-16 
2 story - painting for the first time over vinyl. Need good quality  
5866HUNTER UT 2008-05-16 
I am moving into a new home within the next month and the WHOLE interior is currently yellow and I'd like a rough estimate on the cost to repaint all interior, the home is 1316 sq ft. I don't know all dimensions, etc yet that's why I'm just requesting a r 
5865JACKSON MI 12 18 2008-05-15 
I have 4 rooms, a porch, a hallway, a tiny patio and a stairway I'd like painted...hoping someone is ready to cut a deal for doing multiple projects all at once. Looking for a free estimate. Would prefer to work locally. 
5864SAINT CHARLES MD 15 11 18 2008-05-15 
The room is a entrance way foyer with a second floor landing 
5863ANAHEIM CA 20 20 20 2008-05-15 
Must remove vinyl wall paper. 
5862GLENDALE AZ 18 75 40 10 2008-05-15 
2400 square foot single level home and block wall needs exterior paint. 
5858GURNEE IL 2008-05-15 
5857HOUSTON TX 2008-05-14 
There are three areas that need to be repainted.
1. The living room has a water stain on the ceiling. It is about 4' by .5'. I believe a special coat has to be put on so the stain doesn't seep through.
2. A bathroom has a water stain in the ceiling. .5 
5856PHOENIX AZ 24 56 12 2008-05-14 
5855CREEDMOOR NC 2008-05-13 
paint walls in living room,small walkway into leaving room,paint ceiling (cathedral),looks like tape has come apart at top 
5853MBORO TN 24 10 999 2008-05-10 
Didn't know how to put in measurements in the allocated space. baseboard is approx 515 ft. chair rail is approx 304 ft, crown mold is approx 274 ft.  
5852EAGLE ID 10 24 64 10 2008-05-10 
The total surface area is 1,892 sq. ft. including the windows and doors. The height varies b/w 7' and 11'. Two windows have shutters that would need trim paint. Thank you. 
5851ELGIN IL 10 20 30 15 2008-05-09 
cape cod house 
5850SPRINGFIELD VA 50 50 2008-05-09 
5849BOISE ID 40 47 40 275 30 2008-05-08 
hotel, 22,000 square feet, two stories, vinyl siding-off white...thinking color change on vertical breaks every 25 feet...maybe one solid color, need bid for both 
5848FAIRMONT HEIGHTS MD 20 2008-05-08 
painting of exterior windows on a detached single family house with walk out basement (the back of the house has windows on two levels).
painting of roof overhang
appropriate scraping and prep work of all areas is required and not optional. 
5847WINDSOR FARMS PA 12 15 2008-05-07 
Install 18 rolls of pre-pasted wallcoverings.
High quality material allready ordered. 
5846WELLINGTON FL 40 60 16 2008-05-06 
Typical Sugar Pond Home. Approx 2400 square feet under roof. 
5845UPPER DUBLIN PA 16 2008-05-05 
1315 Fort Washington Avenue (Fort Washington - PA). Paint on top of stucco and need to get the whole house repainted so no paint chipping. This includes eaves and windows too. 
5844TROY MI 20 25 18 2008-05-05 
Great room and stairwell with 18" ceiling.
No paint ceiling.
One quote I already received for 1250 area to cover. Paint is a darker orange tone, Pratt&Lambert. Probably in eggshell finish. Quote no primer with only 2 coats. 
5843AVONDALE AZ 38 2008-05-04 
Underside of cover over front walkway needs repainting. It is at the level of the second story. Existing material is sheet rock. Some of it may have to be replaced. I need an estimate by May 4th. Sorry for the short notice. 
5842DANIELS MD 2008-05-03 
strip wallpaper, prep and paint 8.33" x 9.33" room. Height 7.91" 
5841BRANCHBURG NJ 2008-05-02 
3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallway and 1 bathroom 
5840FAIRFAX VA 25 50 20 2008-04-30 
Have a ceiling that had water damage from a leak above our location. drywall tape has come down in a few spots. Need repair and repaint entire ceiling. This is in a store.  
5839GLASTONBURY CT 2008-04-30 
2 bedroom condo, 2 floors, 1 and1/2 bathrooms only one ceiling  
5838MILLERS VA 15 2008-04-29 
One-level rancher includes minor carpentry on front porch before painting, newly installed 15 windows are not included in the project, clean gutters, front porch ceiling, same color with existing paint 
5837OLATHE KS 10 60 30 2008-04-29 
We have vinyl siding. The vinyl trim is brown and we would like it all painted white. We would also like the foundation painted and one door. In total, the trim around the entire house (in addition to gutters, door frames, window frames, front porch ceili 
5836ARLINGTON VA 10 10 2008-04-29 
The job described below is to paint my bathroom. I also need my kitchen, which is 12x9 re-painted. I'd like an estimate for both. 
5835CARROLLTON TX 15 10 10 2008-04-29 
old wall paper removed,textured and faux finish 
5834FLUSHING MI 2008-04-28 
mfg. home with vaulted ceilings. May want removal of popcorn ceiling finish.
3 bedrms, dining/living area and kitchen.
5833DOUBLE OAK TX 30 60 10 2008-04-28 
I am looking for quotes on painting the exterior trim work of a single story all brick home. Painting only exposed wood, chimney and trim. Not painting doors. I would also like to have some damaged wood trim around exterior doors replaced and painted. 
5832CHICAGO IL 14 30 60 10 2008-04-28 
new drywall, reused trim (must be caulked and spackled nail holes. 
5831W LINN OR 10 20 40 40 2008-04-28 
job includes trim paint same color or close, shutters paint darker color, caulking everywhere and touch up work where there is repair and caulking 
5830GURNEE IL 12 2008-04-28 
The home needs to be primed first. I would like two separete colors one on the walls (linen or eggshell white), then the windows and trim a glossy bright white as well as a flat white for the ceilings. The home is about 1200 square feet, I would like ever 
5829WASHOUGAL WA 12 14 2008-04-28 
Master bath, 2 doors 1 small window - master bedroom 2 doors- 1 sliding glass door
kitchen above and below cabinets - not a lot of wall space to paint 
5828CARROLLTON TX 15 10 10 2008-04-27 
old wallpaper removed, textured and faux finish 
5827SHELBY TOWNSHIP MI 200 2008-04-27 
New finished basement. Primer currently on walls and I have purchased the paint from Sherwin Williams. Total wall sq ft is 2,000. One large room, one small bath, one small 12x12 room. Also paint all door and baseboard trim. No ceiling to paint. 
5826LAKE ARROWHEAD CA 80 250 50 2008-04-27 
5825LAKE ARROWHEAD CA 41 80 250 50 2008-04-27 
5824BARNES IL 2008-04-26 
interior painting
entire house
2500 sq ft 
5823COLLEGE STATION TX 20 2008-04-26 
two 50 x 50 suits with multable offices. I can send you plans via email. 
5822GREEN OAKS IL 11 2008-04-25 
I would like to get an estimate of how much it would cost to paint the exterior of my home 
5821NAPLES FL 17 34 50 2008-04-21 
Original Builders all white paint done in 2001, current wall condition very good,
Repaint all walls using Sherwin Williams Duration Interior eggshell latex Khaki Tan, repaint all baseboard, door & window trim gloss white latex. No painting required for c 
5820ARVADA CO 11 45 75 22 2008-04-20 
tri level, need some 1x2 striping replaced no 2 story side. 
5819BETHLEHEM NC 16 48 52 2008-04-20 
2 stories & basement. Unknown height. Walk in basement with 2 walls to be painted - 52' and 20'. Length and width of main level 52' x 48', top level 52' x 36'. 2 large decks to be painted. Car port with 32' x 8' walls enclosing a utility room. 
5818MARIETTA GA 15 2008-04-19 
we remodeled a small 1971 ranch home on basement all primer is on, needs minor finishing touches and good paint job and trim all, all interior 3 small bedrooms, medium master two very small bathrooms, kitchen 1 wall total, basement small, living room, di 
5817CUMMING GA 22 60 30 30 2008-04-19 
10 year old residential house with brick front. Need trim, shutters and siding painted. Flexible with time frame. Also has two garage doors. Please provide references to your most recent jobs. I will contact your references.  
5816GREENWOOD WA 14 30 100 16 2008-04-18 
5815OLATHE KS 186 240 99 2008-04-17 
Half of the room has the 16" ceiling and the other half has 7.5' ceiling. It has the cottage cheese finish on all of it. I would like to have the ceiling painted but not necessary. Please bid them seperately. I will take everything off the walls and move  
5814WATTSVILLE VA 89 90 100 200 10 2008-04-17 
5813GILBERT AZ 2008-04-16 
I only need the back patio preprep and painted again. You can paint the back gate too
It is average with posts and a enclosed top
Half a days job if that Sorry its not more yet
I currently have a high bid, can anyone save me some money Thank you 
5812HALES CORNERS WI 20 24 65 10 2008-04-16 
Tri -Level Ranch Home - Bedrooms over garage,
5810CLEVELAND OH 18 16 2008-04-12 
Texture Ceiling, remove wall paper, prime and paint ceiling and walls in kitchen need estimate please 
5809MC KINNEY TX 93 109 2008-04-11 
moving into a new home It is eighteen hundred sq ft and every room and all ceilings need to be repainted three bed three bath kitchen, office, dinging and living All doors and trim need to be painted also Looking for a great deal so I can sell the husband 
5808COLD SPRING NY 10 20 2008-04-10 
hardwood, area rugs, 3 pieces of heavy furniture, 2 light

3 rooms this size need painting for walls only, one coat, some prep, nothing major
5807DEARBORN MI 27 21 2008-04-09 
5806BURLINGTON NJ 22 11 45 60 2008-04-08 
Some minor wallboard water damage repair - total of about 10' x 10' area. 
5805DECATUR IL 12 20 40 12 2008-04-06 
remove wall paper in 5 rooms and paint ceilings and walls 
5804DALLAS TX 20 15 65 63 2008-04-05 
New house is 4100 sf stain cabinets,  
5803LONGVIEW TX 19 2008-04-05 
all baseboard and doors and door casings, including 19 doors and door caseings stair railing 8-10 window casings. Baseboard is 3" home is about 2850-3000 sq ft of living space 
5802SOUTH RIVER NJ 22 15 40 32 2008-04-04 
2-1/2 story colonial house with a 8x4 wood awning over back sun porch area which would require to be painted. 
5801NORTH PERRY OH 30 44 2008-04-04 
1) Living Room (12 x 19)
2) Hallway(4 x 12'8")
3) Master Bedroom (12 x 14) 
5800HUNTLEY IL 10 2008-04-03 
bath painted dark red i want it light blue 
5799BOTHELL WA 12 30 40 16 2008-04-01 
2 story house, with wood exterior. 1st floor 1000 sqft, 2nd floor 910 sqft, attached garage 440 sqft. 2 garage doors. 
5798CANTON GA 20 14 2008-04-01 
New construction house - moving in late April - 10 rooms (2 bathrooms) 2800 sq feet of wall space. 9 foot ceilings. no dark colors 
5797TULSA OK 17 180 18 2008-03-30 
I have a two story 4,800 sq.ft. home, built in 1981. The lower story is sandstone, and only the windows and doors need trim paint on the lower level (different color from rest of house). The upper story is primarily T-111 type cedar siding. The paint is 
5796CHANDLER AZ 25 40 2008-03-28 
House has not been painted in quite some time and the trim needs some extra attention, i.e. scraping or sanding. I already have the paint, just need someone with the tools and ability to paint it properly. 
5795BLEWETT WA 24 2008-03-27 
Looking for a artist to paint a Bavarian mural on the exterior fo my house in Leavenworth, Washington 
5794BLEWETT WA 24 2008-03-27 
Looking for a artist to paint a Bavarian mural on the exterior fo my house in Leavenworth, Washington 
5793MINNEAPOLIS MN 2008-03-27 
Standard south Minneapolis bungalow home. Stucco exterior, looking to have painted. 
5792PIONEER TOWN TX 2008-03-25 
paint in entry hall, living room, kitchen and breakfast room only. no firm start date, could be sooner or a later if needed. House in Woodcreek subdivision. 
5791CONROE TX 36 25 2008-03-24 
Living room and dining room. The rooms are currently painted with a olive green. We would like to change the color to a tan/light brown color. There are no doors going into the rooms, just open entry-way's. 
5790EVERETT WA 10 38 35 18 2008-03-23 
We also have a 12X12 shed we want painted to match the house. The shed has a double door and 2 windows. 
5789AURORA CO 40 40 25 2008-03-21 
2 story built in 1992 with hardboard lap siding and rough sawed cedar trim. Needs some calking work. Also has a back patio needing attention. Aluminum windows do not need paint. Gutters and trim are white. 
5788MC KINNEY TX 60 30 10 2008-03-21 
2200 sq. ft house, needs some taping and sealing of cracks, patching of nail holes, and then painted. House is 2 years old, just needs a fresh coat of paint before move in. 
5787CRYSTAL MN 10 87 58 2008-03-19 
5786GILBERT AZ 10 30 70 2008-03-19 
Paint the exterior of an 1800 sft single story home. Looking for this to be completed March 24, 25, 26 preferably. 
5785ATL GA 12 30 40 2008-03-18 
This is a 2/1 1200 sf. condominium.
Paint: Walls Latex Flat
Doors (both sides) trim, baseboards
in oil
Need a quote with and without ceilings.
email me any questions

5784CHANDLER AZ 14 55 55 16 2008-03-18 
5783BUCKHANNON WV 32 32 2008-03-17 

32x32x8 3 doremers 2' overhangs scraped pressure washed 
5782MCCULLERS NC 389 2008-03-17 
6" board with 2" spacing picket fence. Needs stain. Newly installed in August 07.  
5781BRIGHTON CO 19 40 40 27 2008-03-17 
5780COLOGNE TX 2008-03-16 
I have a master bedroom ceiling that has a big water stain and i want it painted and/or primed if necessary. The ceiling is approximately 15'x16'.  
5779MADISON WI 13 2008-03-16 
1400 sq. ft. ranch style house with overhang 
5778MINNEAPOLIS MN 14 30 60 2008-03-14 
House currently empty. Interior, potentially exterior needs to be painted. One room has wallpaper which needs to come off. House 1400 sqft, 1.5stories, living rm, family room, kitchen, bath, two bedrooms downstairs, and loft converted to bedroom upstai 
5777MINNEAPOLIS MN 14 30 30 2008-03-14 
House currently empty. Interior, potentially exterior needs to be painted. One room has wallpaper which needs to come off. House 1400 sqft, 1.5stories, living rm, family room, kitchen, bath, two bedrooms downstairs, and loft converted to bedroom upstai 
5776ROWLETT TX 26 10 60 30 2008-03-14 
Kitchen does not need paint 220sf
Not sure of the room sized, room by room
9ft ceilings
Entry has one wall that is two story height 
5775WEST CRESSONA PA 40 60 16 2008-03-13 
New construction- 3 bay block garage. Would like lower 1/3 black & upper 2/3 silver. 
5774RAPHINE VA 349 2008-03-13 
new construction walls, cieling, closets and trim 
5773KATY TX 90 97 2008-03-13 
about 3500 sq. ft. 
5772CARLSBAD CA 30 60 10 2008-03-11 
Not sure on measurements above. House is standard 3Bed, 2Ba, 2 stories, approximately 1,791 square feet. 
5771COVINGTON GA 20 33 50 100 10 2008-03-11 
6000 sq ft medical facility 


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